Stay Mentally Motivated This Year

Stay Mentally Motivated This Year

March 04, 20243 min read

You've probably heard the saying about exercise that the brain was willing but the body wasn't. That's true in some cases where a program is too difficult for the person attempting it. Most exercise programs don't end that way. Most of the time the body is able, but the brain isn't going along with the program. They aren't mentally motivated to stick with a workout program much longer than a week or two. How do you build that mental motivation and keep it high until exercise is a habit? Here are some options.

Vary your workout.

Varying your workout doesn't mean just switching up the exercises in the gym. It means doing other types of workouts besides the gym. A night on the town dancing to every song is a heck of a good workout but you won't notice it because it's fun. Taking a biking trip for a picnic is another option that gets you fit and makes it fun. Make at least one exercise day something you love to do. Even hula hooping with the kids or jumping rope is great exercise.

Get a workout buddy.

This one can be the best choice or the worst. Be sure your workout buddy isn't willing to skip the workouts too easily. Keep each other strong. Make it your goal to keep your buddy motivated. Doing that keeps you motivated, too. When you get to the gym and start working out, the time will fly, and you'll be glad you went. In the meantime, your workout goes quicker. There are also other benefits from a workout buddy.

Give yourself a reward.

Your reward can be something you really want or something as silly as a star when you accomplish your goal. Recognizing and praising your personal dedication to continuing your program builds your potential to continue. It reinforces your determination to succeed. You can make your reward cash by paying yourself every time you workout as promised. Set a timeline. If you don't miss a workout, you get the money for whatever you want. It may be your own money, but it's also money you can spend any way you want without guilt. If you miss a workout, put it in the bank and start again.

  • Write out your goals and break them down into smaller, easier-to-achieve goals. Track your progress. Success is motivating.

  • Keep your motivation in front of you. Why did you start your fitness journey? Write it down on sticky notes and post them everywhere. Make a screen saver showing your reason for your fitness goal or put it on your phone.

  • Stay positive. If you have a setback, don't beat yourself up. Instead, get right back to work. Know that even babies stumble when they first learn to walk and nobody thinks a thing of it.

  • Don't worry about what others think. Stay true to your goals. If you don't have a good support team around you, don't share your goal with anyone. Find an online group to support your efforts if necessary.

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