Nutrition For Your First 5K

Nutrition For Your First 5K

March 04, 20242 min read

Many people who workout in Mt. Airy are often active outside the gym. They frequently do competitive distance running, like 5Ks. To do your best in any distance run, get adequate nutrition, particularly right before the race. Always focus on healthy meals, but the day or two before the 5K, amp up your attention to what you eat.

Forget carb-loading for 5Ks.

A 5K race can take you from a half-hour to an hour on average, depending on your age and sex. It doesn't require carb-loading. If you're running a marathon or any event that lasts longer than an hour and a half, carb-loading makes sense. For shorter runs like the 5K, you'll have adequate glucose stored in your muscles from eating healthy before a race. Instead of increasing your intake of carbs a day or two before the race, focus more on eating healthy meals.

What you eat and when you eat it depends on your race time.

If you have a morning race, keep your breakfast down to 200 or 300 calories and eat an hour or two before the race. The food should be whole foods and mostly carbs. Avoid fat and fiber since they take a while to digest and will remain in your stomach while you race. Skip anything spicy that will cause digestive issues. Do a test run after eating the type of breakfast you choose a few days before the race to see if it agrees with you. If your race is later in the day, avoid eating a high-protein or high-fat meal because of slow digestion. Skip greasy mayo or buttery options. Don't overeat.

If you're hungry, eat a snack but make it light.

Having a small snack to tide you over while you race is okay, but don't overdo it. Keep your snack light, like a banana or a few crackers. Find an option that's easy to digest and won't leave your running feeling bloated. Make your choice high in carbs and low in fat and protein. Make sure you drink adequate fluid.

  • Drink plenty of water throughout the week before the race. Right before you start the race, don't guzzle water. Either you'll need a stop to go to the bathroom, or it can make you sick.

  • Drink two to two and a half cups of water two to three hours before you race. A half hour before the race, another cup of water should keep you adequately hydrated to get through the 5K without dehydrating.

  • Don't experiment with a new energy food or drink the night before or the day of the race. Nothing is worse than finding that new food or drink doesn't agree with you right about the 4K mark.

  • Get to the race about an hour before it starts. That gives you plenty of time to use the bathroom before the race starts and prevents extra stress caused by running late.

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