Success Stories

    Testimonial Picture of Sally P. (2)
    “I am overall more motivated and more fit”

    Before I started coming to UA, I was pretty burned out from the regular gym routine and I was feeling like my fitness and motivation had reached a plateau. After being a part of Urban Athlete, I am overall more motivated and more fit. The ever-changing variety of workouts keeps me interested and challenged.

    UA is a place for people who are bored with the usual gym routines. You will challenge yourself in ways you never thought possible in a positive and friendly and community. Athletes of all abilities will enjoy these workouts that will improve your performance no matter what your sport or activity.

    Sally P.
    Testimonial Picture of Stefy B. (2)
    “There is something for everyone”

    A little over 3 years ago, I worked up the courage to step into a gym to get myself healthier. I knew I wanted to try something different, and had heard so many great things about Pamela MacElree’s gym, Urban Athlete. At this point I had little knowledge of physical fitness, and not that I was “out of shape” necessarily, but not the best! I went in for my 1st consultation and immediately felt comfortable – the time and attention that was taken by the coach to walk me through each movement and provide feedback on my form showed me that Urban Athlete was unlike a “typical” gym.

    I started attending as many different classes as possible, to see what I liked and where I felt most comfortable. I immediately fell in love with it! The classes are varied daily, with options to easily modify for beginners up to advanced levels in each movement. Coaches are present during every workout, keeping you on track, checking your form, and helping any time a question may arise. For anyone just beginning a fitness program, this is so beneficial! You don’t have to question yourself – Am I doing this right? Or what weight should I use?

    Fast forward to the present, and I have come a long way! I cannot say enough about Pamela and the entire team of coaches at UA that have taught me so much! I’m stronger than I ever thought imaginable and capable of so many physical things that I still surprise myself by!

    I’ve also learned that Urban Athlete is not just a gym, it’s a community of like-minded folks of all backgrounds and ages. I’ve met some amazing people and made new friends. People who push each other to challenge themselves and cheer each other on! Pamela is also very active with local charities, creating different ways for members of UA to work towards a goal and make donations for a good cause.

    I would highly recommend Urban Athlete to anyone – whether you’re just beginning, or a seasoned athlete. There is something for everyone, and a great group of people to help along the way! Coming in throughout the week not only keeps me physically strong, but mentally as well – it is a lifestyle choice I’ve made that I’m thankful for daily!

    Stefy B.
    “I dropped 20 lbs”

    Working out at UA has transformed my life. Before starting, I was completely out of shape and overweight. I had knee and back issues…so I was a bit scared to join this gym… worried that I wouldn’t be able to do the exercises without injuring myself and worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up.

    What I found was that the UA trainers can instruct you on workout modifications to accommodate any fitness level and issue…they give personal attention even in a group setting. The workouts are always different, never boring, challenging in a good way…and fast…typically done in only 45 minutes! Also UA has a very supportive atmosphere, which makes working out fun and creates a real sense of community.

    When I started Pamela, the owner, also set me up with a nutrition program as part of an eight week challenge… and over that time I dropped 20 lbs. Six months in… still losing weight and that’s a thrill, but the best part is that I feel amazing… stronger and healthier. My knee and back pains have disappeared, which was unexpected and awesome. I have so much more energy and mobility in everything that I do… it’s truly a transformation and I have UA, Pamela, and all the trainers to thank for it!

    Sari H.
    “Now my wife says I have “guns"”

    What can I say about UA other than it is best gym EVER! I have definitely been one of those people who gets bored with working out and going to the gym but not at Urban Athlete. Pamela and her crew of instructors always have interesting and intense work-outs planned each day. The small class sizes make working out so much fun and the instructors are always willing to give helpful tips and recommend new exercises if you need. The open gyms are great as they allow you to work out when you want. Above everything, this is the first gym that I have joined where I feel a true sense of camaraderie with both the staff and fellow patrons which makes going to UA and working-out an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding experience (Not to mention the fact that now my wife says I have “guns”).

    Morgan M.
    “I feel mentally and physically strong and healthy”

    Before joining Urban Athlete, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After a year of surgery and chemo therapy, I developed right arm lymphadema. I started to work with a trainer twice a week that was trained in working with women that had lymphadema. After a year, in was time to try a gym. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up in a gym with people that were healthy. I was worried that I would run into problems with my arm with lymphadema. I was very self conscious about the compression sleeve that I had to wear on my arm. Lastly, my body, stamina, and strength were not what they were before my surgery and cancer.

    Given my two years prior to UA, I felt weak and unattractive. I had gained weight in the year following my surgery and chemo and I weighed more than prior to the diagnosis. Urban Athlete brought me back to life. I feel mentally and physically strong and healthy. And, my arm with lymphadema is strong and has shape and muscles. I have lost weight and I fit back into my clothes.

    The UA trainers have been amazing. When I first started at UA, my workouts had to be modified. Initially, because of my arm, the trainers were excellent about making sure that I didn’t push too fast and that the weight and repetition increases were incremental and slow in progression. Now, I do the same workout as everyone else. The trainers have also helped me with nutrition and my diet. I don’t even think about the compression sleeve that I wear on my arm when I’m at the gym – it’s just part of what I wear to work out.

    Brenda L.
    “Urban Athlete is sacred to our family”

    Urban Athlete is not a gym. Pamela and the coaches are not trainers. They are much more than that.

    Urban Athlete has become a home of sorts to many of its members. Pamela and the coaches, family.

    Our family entered the doors of Urban Athlete a little over two years ago with the same expectations and hesitations that many experience when beginning a new chapter in the quest for fitness. Within a few days we learned that this was something truly special. The members are friendly, honest, helpful; true members of a special little community. There’s no “strange guy lifting weights way too heavy for him” or “skinny chick that I swear is judging my extra 10lbs.” Everyone comes here to improve and maintain their physical health in a safe, comfortable, challenging and encouraging environment. As a family of previously competitive athletes, we can proudly state that after training at Urban Athlete, we are in better shape now than during peak competitive years….perhaps a tad slower, maybe…

    Urban Athlete is sacred to our family. Pamela, the coaches, and members have helped us realize that fitness and health can be fun and while it certainly is not easy, hard work coupled with an incredible support system can certainly make the journey much easier.

    Rachel & Doug Z.
    “I appreciate Urban Athlete...”

    With two small children I make thousands of decisions each day. I appreciate Urban Athlete because I can walk in and the workout is already written for me and I’m instructed on exactly what to do and how do it.

    Amanda H.