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The Beauty of Habit Consistency

All things in life that are good for us, can be even better for us if done with consistency. Case in point, if your nutrition is solid during the day but you snack from 9pm-11pm you don’t have the same positive impact. Similarly exercising 3-4 days a week is ideal, but spread out over the week is more impactful than 3 days in a row and taking 4 days off.
Let’s compare those examples to something more simple like brushing your teeth. You want to brush your teeth, every day, twice a day to prevent cavities, gingivitis and to have fresh breath, right? Of course you do. I’m certain that 98% of the time you don’t falter from this consistently pattern/habit. What if you only brushed your teeth once every three days? Exactly…

Even more so, here’s the real beauty of habit consistency; you don’t have to guess when the next  (fill in the blank) will be. You know because you’ve already planned it, it’s already been scheduled or better yet it’s what you already do.

That’s the basis behind our Lifestyle Challenges, creating habit consistency with exercise and nutrition to live a better, healthier life that is able to be maintained.

Wednesday – Sunday this week we are scheduling 20 minutes sessions, to goal plan, take initial measurements and do performance testing for the upcoming 6 weeks to summer lifestyle challenge. You may still register for the 6 week challenge through this Sunday.

Here’s a recap of the 6 week challenge and what to expect: 6 Weeks to Summer Challenge

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