Urban Athlete Training

Our 45 minute workout programs will:

Get You Fit: Increase strength, lose weight, and bring back your youthful vibrant energy

Eliminate Aches & Pain: Strengthen your body to relieve pain and improve mobility so you can use your body like it’s meant to be used

Reclaim your Time: Build your life around workout & nutrition habits that support your health & happiness

Find the YOU time

Tired of intimidating gyms with coaches who couldn’t care less? People who don’t care if you get the results you deserve? Well, we are too!

The difference at Urban Athlete is that we care about your individual success and we want you to GET RESULTS for the work you put in. Our coach-led community is devoted to helping you be the best and healthiest version of you.

If you want to improve your life you need to have an environment that recognizes your success and a community of peers that motivate you to keep going. Come join our team of experienced coaches to start feeling great in your body!

We understand that finding the time to exercise in a busy life can be hard. That’s why we’re here to help. And the good news is that 3 workouts a week at Urban Athlete is only 2% of your weekly time!

Our system is designed to be time efficient and flexible to work with you and your schedule. Our 45 minute workouts combine cardio and strength training to maximize the time you spend here.

Are you ready to be our next success story? Come join us!

Semi- Private Personal Training

Do you want more one on one attention during your workouts? Then Semi-private personal training at Urban Athlete is perfect for you!

We understand that fitness is personal and that you can’t just trust anyone with your body. At Urban Athlete we take injury prevention very seriously. We personally train each coach in injury prevention methods so that every workout is safe and effective.

Each Semi-personal training session only has up to 4 people working out at the same time while each person is being uniquely guided by the coach. This added attention helps you stay motivated while making the experience more fun for everyone!

Benefits of Semi-Private Personal Training at Urban Athlete


  • A Safe and effective workout
  • The community needed to overcome your biggest physical and mental obstacles
  • A program tailored to your needs
  • The guidance needed to achieve optimal results
  • Access to coaches who care about your personal success
  • The accountability and support needed to stay on track

Every Member Starts With An InBody Scan!

Be Your Best With Group Training At Urban Athlete!

Don’t have the time to go to long group training workouts? No problem! Our group training sessions are only 45 minutes long!
Urban Athlete workouts alternate between strength, power and conditioning. They’re programmed to target the full body, while allowing for modifications based on needs and skill sets.

Each Session is coach-led and starts with a full body dynamic warm-up. So you’ll never be left wondering what to do next. There are 25 group training times a week – choose whichever session best fits your schedule! Group sizes max out at 12 people for more instructor attention than your typical group training classes.

Members are able to do an InBody scan once a month with the option to add on individualized coaching, nutrition support, and goal setting sessions.

Benefits of Group training at Urban Athlete


  • Knowledgeable coaches and safe workouts
  • Scheduling flexibility
  • InBody scan and personal fitness assessment
  • A welcoming workout community that you enjoy

Program Design

Are you a self motivator that can workout from anywhere, but still need personalized programming? We have just what you need!

At Urban Athlete you can enjoy a personalized experience without sacrificing your schedule. You can choose either monthly or bi-monthly workout plans with the option of adding personal training sessions.

Want to work on something specific? At Urban Athlete your workout is unique to you, and you choose what kind of results you want. Whether you’re a pro-athlete looking to level up, an obstacle race enthusiast wanting to hit a new PR, or simply just need a program to follow so you don’t need to think about it, our expert coaches will design a custom plan to meet your specific goals. All you have to do is show up!

Benefits of Program Design at Urban Athlete


  • A program tailored just for you – matter your fitness level
  • A coach dedicated to your goals and results
  • Accountability to keep you on track for success
  • Access to personal training sessions for added assistance

Nutrition Coaching

Keeping a healthy and balanced way of eating is vital to support the progress you make in the gym. If you want your results to stick it’s important to have good habits in other aspects of your life.

At Urban Athlete we help you track what you eat and make plans to improve your habits. You don’t have to be a registered dietician to have a healthy diet. Making a meal plan can help guide you to better food choices and even save you time!

We believe that everyone should have the resources to make healthy decisions, and we’re committed to helping you get there.

Benefits of Nutrition and Meal Planning


  • Assistance tracking Macros
  • Guidance that gets results
  • Delicious recipes to support your exercise goals

Virtual Training

If you’re really tight on time, or maybe even still Covid cautious, our live streaming and recorded workout options could be perfect for you. Our live streaming program brings your coach home to you while still getting direction on your workout, correction on your form, and of course the camaraderie of being with other people “in” the gym.

Group Training is live streamed 3x a day during the week and Saturday mornings. If you happen to miss one of those times you’ll always have access to the recorded workout, so you can literally just push play; warm up, work out, and finish up with some core work! There is flexibility for scheduling semi-private live streaming sessions to fit your busy schedule.

Benefits of Virtual Training at Urban Athlete


  • Being able to get the same knowledge and experience of our caches in your home
  • Take your workouts on the road with you whenever you travel to keep up with a healthy lifestyle
  • Save time by simply joining us from home

Our Happy Clients

"We always wanna make sure everyone enjoys themselves. Make sure they feel like they’re fitting in"

"I find myself doing a lot of exercises I otherwise wouldn’t do if I were to go work out on my own"

"Everyone welcomes you and actually kinda coaches you and supports you"

Try a group session on us!

Plus, a success session and InBody scan with one of our expert coaches.

  • Get to know our coaches and members
  • Try our group fitness classes made for AVERAGE humans
  • Perfect for any fitness levels
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  • Testimonial Picture of Chris B (2)
    “I'm very thankful to have these live streaming sessions which are helping me maintain and improve my fitness during this year.”

    Early in the quarantine I was doing the recorded workouts irregularly, and cherry-picking sessions for the movements that I like. The live streaming workouts allow me to be more consistent, and have a more rounded fitness plan. The social aspect of the live streaming sessions is also a big draw. The UA gym is a community; and the live sessions allow me to see and interact with the other members in a safe and responsible way. The live coaching allows the trainer to see me, verify that I have proper form, and offer modifications when needed. I’m very thankful to have these live streaming sessions which are helping me maintain and improve my fitness during this year. They have been something consistent in a chaotic year.

    Chris B
  • Testimonial Picture of Marisa C (2)
    “The variety of the workouts has kept me engaged and excited”

    When isolation started I wondered how I would keep up my workout routine, but I didn’t have to worry for a second, because the coaches at Urban Athlete were ready with live streaming workouts multiple times daily! These workouts have helped me continue to build strength and mobility, offered challenges far beyond what I would do on my own, and kept me accountable to myself. The variety of the workouts has kept me engaged and excited, and I appreciate the focus on bodyweight exercises that are accessible to everyone and don’t require equipment. I look forward to these workouts each day, and I feel strong and healthy.

    One thing that’s been surprising is how great coaching really translates over the internet: the coaches offer modifications, give feedback, answer questions, give us lots of encouragement, and make us laugh. Everyone is able to access the workout in a way that fits their body and their needs. And as I mention “us,” it is important to share that the sense of community and camaraderie that makes Urban Athlete a home to so many, is felt just as strongly at home (especially as our kids pop their heads into the frame to say hello).

    Marisa C
  • “My workouts have become a highlight of my day! UA is the best!”

    Pamela and UA crew,
    Thank you for all that you have done to create a great workout experience during this challenging 2020 year!

    These past nine months Urban Athlete live streaming workouts have been amazing for my physical as well as mental well-being. I still get to chat and connect with our friendly UA coaches and community of supportive members. With live streaming, the coaches can helpfully give alternative options to any exercises when asked and check on form to maximize benefits. I love that the live sessions are scheduled to give me a lot of options to fit a workout in during my day. They have become a highlight of my day! UA is the best!!!

    Sari H
  • Testimonial Picture of Janet R (2)
    “Urban Athlete has been a second family to me”

    Urban Athlete welcomed me in 2015 where I coached for two years and had a blast. The high-intensity interval training focuses on functional movements with an emphasis on form; crucial to lasting results and health. Urban Athlete has been a second family to me. You’ll find support to reach your goals and the coaches will motivate you to keep coming back. I am so grateful to have worked here and I couldn’t have asked for more from this community. When my husband and I moved due to his work it was tough to say goodbye!

    Pamela reached out to me earlier this year to coach live streaming sessions during the COVID-19 shutdown. Reconnecting with our members and meeting new faces has been so rewarding. Our coaches are knowledgeable, diverse, and inviting. Give UA a chance and find the gym you’ve been searching for.

    Janet R
  • “The best part is the Community that’s here to support you through your workout journey”

    As soon as COVID hit and gyms were shut down, my gym transitioned to Live Streaming Workouts and did not miss a beat! I love that they offer Bodyweight sessions six days a week, Strength sessions three days a week, and if you miss a class you can take a follow along recorded session online. Also, most sessions have two coaches, one to demonstrate and workout with you and the other coach is there to check on your form. The best part is the Community that’s here to support you through your workout journey.

    Michelle K
  • “Now my wife says I have “guns"”

    What can I say about UA other than it is best gym EVER! I have definitely been one of those people who gets bored with working out and going to the gym but not at Urban Athlete. Pamela and her crew of instructors always have interesting and intense work-outs planned each day. The small class sizes make working out so much fun and the instructors are always willing to give helpful tips and recommend new exercises if you need. The open gyms are great as they allow you to work out when you want. Above everything, this is the first gym that I have joined where I feel a true sense of camaraderie with both the staff and fellow patrons which makes going to UA and working-out an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding experience (Not to mention the fact that now my wife says I have “guns”).

    Morgan M.

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