A Female Personal Trainer In Chestnut Hill Understands The Fitness Problems Face By Women

If you feel uncomfortable having a male personal trainer, you’re not alone. Many women find having a female trainer better. They feel that women understand the problems they face getting fit better. A female personal trainer in Chestnut Hill may be just what you need to help you get fitter faster. Women face many things that men don’t face. PMS, cramps and other problems are just a few. Having a woman trainer can make you feel more understood and supported. You know they can relate to many of the problems you face.

Just ensuring your form is right can be intimidating.

Sometimes, training requires hands on, moving a leg to the right position or adjusting your body slightly. If you’re a woman with a male trainer, it can be intimidating, even though it shouldn’t be. That’s just human nature. Those minor adjustments to your body made by the trainer can be far less stressful when a woman makes them. You feel your space isn’t violated. While trainers don’t intend to make you uncomfortable and are just doing their job, you may know that intellectually, but still may not be comfortable with a male trainer.

Many female trainers have faced the same problems you face.

Women often become trainers because they faced the same problems and overcame them, so they understand how difficult it can be. The female body is quite different from the male body. In fact, men tend to lose weight easier than women. Women often have different goals and different needs. Most worry about strength training because they don’t want bulky muscles. A female trainer can help reduce that worry and show getting fit doesn’t have to mean getting bulky.

Female trainers tend to understand the trials faced by women.

If you’re a mom, most of the time, you probably are the chief cook and bottle washer. While domestic roles are changing, many women still prepare most of the meals. All trainers can help you with nutrition, but many women often feel more comfortable learning from females. They feel women have made the healthy recipes for their family and understand how difficult it can be to prepare healthy meals 24/7. In most cases, they’re right. When you feel someone understands your trials and tribulations, you’re more apt to follow their lead.

  • Female trainers often recognize and understand the varying needs of women. Prenatal workouts, postpartum workouts and workouts for women before they get pregnant will vary and women tend to be more in touch with that.
  • You don’t have to be a female to benefit from a female trainer. Many men find they appreciate the attention to detail a woman brings and likes the fact that they don’t have to feel like they need to look like a bodybuilder to get fit.
  • Female trainers provide more of a welcoming environment for other females. Many tend to focus on teamwork to fitness and helping one another.
  • Female trainers tend to understand the right intensity for women. While you might think male trainers are too intense, the problem is quite the opposite. They’re often too easy on female clients.

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A Female Personal Trainer In Chestnut Hill Understands The Fitness Problems Face By Women