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What’s the difference between group training and bootcamp?

What is the difference between group training and bootcamp classes? It likely depends on who you ask. Rather than make assumptions for other people, I’d like to share the difference at Urban Athlete.

The group training programs at Urban Athlete are just that, group training workouts. Groups are up to 12 people, but generally a slightly smaller average size, all working out together following a program that can be modified for one or all of the people in the group. There is a coach leading the group workout and making recommendations on the weights to use, the form corrections to make, and encouraging you throughout your workout.

There is a component of high intensity interval training in the group training workouts at Urban Athlete, but we don’t consider the workouts to be a bootcamp style workout. Workouts start with a dynamic warm up, followed by a thorough demonstration and explanation of the workout, with direction on where to start, and finally an explanation on the core work at the end, along with the daily stretch – all while being coached and led in your workout. Almost like having a personal trainer by your side. The added bonus is having fellow community members to help cheer you on!

The program focuses on strength training and adds in components of interval training, conditioning, and some high heart rate exercises. Start to finish, most workouts should feel like a full body workout but with energy left to conquer other crucial parts of your day.

Group Training Workouts at Urban Athlete have some similarities to Personal Training!

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