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Mt Airy Exercise

Timeless Tuesdays

Have you ever tried to do an exercise that needs to be done quickly or explosively, like a box jump or kettlebll swing, slowly? It’s virtually impossible, right?! In simple terms; fast, quick or explosive movements help develop power. When you think about the weights that you should use to do power based exercises, aim to chose weights that are challenging while you are able to maintain good form.

Tuesday’s Workout:

:15 on / :15 off x 8 sets of:

  • 1a – Split Squat Jumps
  • 1b – Clapping Push Ups!
  • 1c – Banded In and Outs


2 – Agility Ladder Drills x 8 minutes


:15 on / :15 off x 8 sets of:

  • 3a – Alternating Lateral Lunges
  • 3b – Band High Pulls
  • 3c – Plank Jacks


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