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Mt Airy Exercise

Mondays In Mt Airy

We think all workouts are fun, each one for different reasons. Ladders are a fun way to challenge yourself to aim to use heavier weights, jump higher, run faster, etc as the reps/time decrease. There is also a unique mental toughness that is required when doing some ladders, especially the first 1-3 rounds of a descending ladder. You feel like you still have so many reps to complete, then all of a sudden there are less reps and each round speeds up.


Monday’s Workout:

12-10-8-6-4-2 descending ladder of:

  • a – single side racked step ups
  • b – kettlebell plank
  • c – single side clean/thruster combo
  • d – single arm swings
  • e – band plank rows

*do all reps on each side

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