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In Your (Core)Corner

It’s 6:40 AM on a Monday, and you’re exhausted (the good kind). You just finished an Urban Athlete workout, and you start to grab your things to leave and head to work, when…

Your workout buddy (the one who’s had more coffee than you) asks, “You doing the CoreCorner today?”

You were never one for excuses, so you sigh internally and then say, “Uh yeah sure, I got a few minutes.”

All joking aside, the CoreCorner has become something that is both incredibly unifying for our community, as well as essential to our workouts, during our time in quarantine.

Let me give you a brief description of what exactly the CoreCorner is:

The CoreCorner is quick. It is a brief finisher to the workout and lasts about 3-5 minutes.

The CoreCorner is optional. Need to get to work? No problem – catch it the next morning.

The CoreCorner is challenging. Daily increases to your plank? You have your friends to complain to!

The CoreCorner is fun. Your friends (now also sweaty & out of breath) will be cheering you on.

Step inside the doors to our gym, and you will see the CoreCorner written on a white board. Each week, members anxiously await its change.

Some weeks there are timing intervals, and other weeks there are exercises for reps.

However, the best part about the CoreCorner is that it’s not just abs! By core, we also mean the musculature surrounding your hips and spine. This leaves the door wide open for the types of exercises that you may see, and that’s half the fun!

What started as only a finisher, turned into a pillar of the UA community. Hardships headed your way? No problem – you’ll have plenty of people in your corner, and they’ll be awfully strong too…

We’re always happy to hear from you. Please send us an email at to get more information or to stay in touch.

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