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Mt Airy Exercise

Exercising Inside the Box, Outside the Gym

Nowadays, thinking inside the box isn’t necessarily a bad thing  – especially when it’s in an exercise box…

To the left of where the photo was taken is Urban Athlete’s physical location. It just so happens that it comes with this awesome garage space conducive to exercising during a pandemic. (Hats off to Pamela for foreseeing this 11 years ago.)

All joking aside, you don’t need me to tell you that exercise and your health are serious business. Exercise is our business but so is leveraging it to enhance your mental health and wellness.

Here’s how that works:

Your body releases endorphins in response to stress. There are many different types of stress, and exercise is one of them.

I knew this feeling well after long weekends of travel softball – when my body could barely move from the car to the front door, but mentally I never felt better.

Workouts do the same thing but without the bruises and jammed fingers.

You work hard for 25-30 minutes, and then your body feels a sense of release. Like you just let out a ginormous exhale. The shoulders that were pinched-up towards your ears now move when you walk.

This feeling transfers over to your work – you feel alert and purposeful (at least for a few hours!). Pretty soon, the time you spend with your family begins to feel more intentional, too.

This is what we mean by enhancing wellness.


Illness and disease are stressors, too. They stress our organs and our minds, but exercise prepares our bodies for that stress.


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