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Do you need Personal Training?

There are three components that make up a successful partnership with your personal trainer. I’ll list them out below, then get into the specifics of how they work together well.

  1. The right personal trainer for you
  2. A supportive environment
  3. The desire to commit to your workouts and nutrition

The right personal trainer can be challenging to find. Generally speaking, someone with the knowledge of anatomy and physiology, compassion, and with a good personality make the decision making process easier. A general exercise program does not need to be complicated. If you find a personal trainer you get along with in personality they are likely to help you succeed in reaching your fitness goals.

A supportive environment is another crucial component of a successful partnership with your personal trainer. The environment for group workouts, like high intensity interval training and strength training, needs to be energized and uplifting to level up your enthusiasm for the workout. Similarly, personal training also needs a supportive environment, having others working out around you needs to feel motivational and uplifting.

The desire to commit to your workouts and nutrition might be the biggest component. I list it last because even if the above two reasons are 100% spot on, you do need to want to show up for your workouts, put forth the best effort you have for that day, enjoy being challenged by your personal trainer or coach, and support your efforts outside of the gym by eating well and resting.

Another thing to remember, although exercise is hard and eating well can be even harder, it doesn’t have to be. When you are supported along your health and fitness journey by someone who is passionate about seeing you succeed and reach your goals, showing up is easier. When you show up, especially for yourself, you take steps in the direction of your goals!

If you’d like to see if Urban Athlete is a good fit, text us [215-593-2676] to start a conversation about scheduling a success session with a coach.

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