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Does Your Gym Do This?

We’re all drawn to different types of environments for a variety of reasons. This especially holds true to a gym environment.

You have to feel comfortable at the gym or you won’t go. The whole point of having a gym is to go there, right?

There are many things that set Urban Athlete apart from the typical gym, ranging from the community, to the workouts, to our approach of lifestyle based coaching.

One of the other things that really stands out to me is our belief in giving back. Philanthropy is a large part of what we do in and out of the gym.

  • Burpees & Burgers
  • Bonus workshops
  • Row-A-Thons
  • Outdoor workouts
  • Food & Toy drives

And the list can go on. Additionally some of our coaches volunteer their time to local organizations and/or run on charity bibs for endurance sports. Our clients are also participating in their own efforts.

It’s part of who we are.

If that’s something that speaks to you, come check us out!

We will be launching a new program at the start of the new year that allows organizations with proof of a 501c3 to do Workout Fundraisers. Stay tuned on more details about that, we’re pretty excited about it.

Don’t Be Afraid, Squashing The Dogma

Even after re-doing our website, I still get comments from people I meet that they are afraid or intimidated by the workouts at Urban Athlete.

Two things I hear frequently are:

1 – I have to get in shape before I can go there.

2 – Only really serious people workout there, right?


I hope I can answer those comments for you here.

1 – You don’t have to be in shape before you come to us.

In fact, a good number of our community aren’t in shape when they walk through our door. They expect us to get them in shape. Some of our clients never worked out a day in their life before starting with us. Some used to be athletes but have had life happen and let fitness and health take a back seat. Others are familiar with the types of workouts we do.

I take a great deal of pride in our program and community for many reasons. One of the main reasons is from the stand-point that we can, will and do modify our group workouts to get you started or back on track with your fitness journey. Meeting you where you are is very important to us. We want fitness to be a part of your lifestyle.

If group workouts aren’t your thing or you’d feel more comfortable easing your way in we also offer personal training. This can be something that you do for a few weeks to get you ‘ready’ for a group setting, training that you do to reach really specific goals or training to best accommodate your schedule.

The options and the flexibility can be very personalized.


2 – Yes, only really serious people workout with us.

Let me be clear with this one. Serious, as in, our community shows up to their workouts on a regular and consistent basis. Although it exists, very few people sign up with us and don’t attend.

The intensity level is different from person to person, as is each person’s strength, skill and capability. The level of “seriousness” comes solely from their individual commitment level.

I think we can all take a page out of that book, wouldn’t you agree?



In short, we don’t want you to be intimidated by Urban Athlete. We know we aren’t for everyone but I’m certain that if you give us a try you won’t be disappointed and at the very least you won’t be intimidated.

How Do I Choose A Place To Workout?

Choosing an exercise program can be a challenging decision to make. You have to take into consideration a variety of factors.

We’d like to help you address those factors here.  This for any gym but especially holds true for gyms, like ours, that offer group and personal training – times when you’re always working out with a coach.


Location is a big deal. Like, a really big deal. The place you workout has to be convenient or there’s a high likelihood you won’t attend. Start looking for a place that is either close to home, close to work or on the direct route between those two places.

Importance Value on a scale of 1 – 5: 4



If the hours don’t work with your schedule, and you’re not making stipulations for things just to have an excuse, then the place isn’t for you. You might also consider flexibility of the scheduling; are various times available to you, do morning and evening exist, can you adjust your schedule weekly?

Importance Value on a scale of 1 – 5: 5


Community / Atmosphere:

Once you get committed to a place the difference between community and atmosphere will become clear but until then they might seem like the same thing.

What to look for in a solid gym atmosphere:

    • Is everything orderly and kept in seemingly the right place?
    • Is the facility clean?
    • Does it have a good vibe when you walk in and when you’re working out?

What to look for in a solid gym community:

    • Do you get greeted at the door by your name?
    • Are the people you meet friendly and supportive even though they don’t know you?
    • Is the business connected with the physical community it is a part of?
    • Do you get the ‘feel’ that the people who attend enjoy the precious time they spend there?

Importance Value on a scale of 1 – 5: 5



Not everyone moves the same way. Not everyone has the same goals. Occasionally, we all need modifications to exercises to make them easier to accomplish and sometimes we need certain exercises to be more challenging.

Be sure to find a workout place that offers you the ability to scale up or down for what ever reason. Don’t feel like you always need to be doing exactly what everyone else is doing. We all have our own strengths!

Importance Value on a scale of 1 – 5: 5


These are just some of the factors to consider but the ones we think are the most important, especially since most of them are ranked with a 5!

Please reach out to us if you have any questions about our programs or if we can assist you in your health and fitness journey!

The Beauty of Habit Consistency

All things in life that are good for us, can be even better for us if done with consistency. Case in point, if your nutrition is solid during the day but you snack from 9pm-11pm you don’t have the same positive impact. Similarly exercising 3-4 days a week is ideal, but spread out over the week is more impactful than 3 days in a row and taking 4 days off.
Let’s compare those examples to something more simple like brushing your teeth. You want to brush your teeth, every day, twice a day to prevent cavities, gingivitis and to have fresh breath, right? Of course you do. I’m certain that 98% of the time you don’t falter from this consistently pattern/habit. What if you only brushed your teeth once every three days? Exactly…

Even more so, here’s the real beauty of habit consistency; you don’t have to guess when the next  (fill in the blank) will be. You know because you’ve already planned it, it’s already been scheduled or better yet it’s what you already do.

That’s the basis behind our Lifestyle Challenges, creating habit consistency with exercise and nutrition to live a better, healthier life that is able to be maintained.

Wednesday – Sunday this week we are scheduling 20 minutes sessions, to goal plan, take initial measurements and do performance testing for the upcoming 6 weeks to summer lifestyle challenge. You may still register for the 6 week challenge through this Sunday.

Here’s a recap of the 6 week challenge and what to expect: 6 Weeks to Summer Challenge

Working Out for the Weekend






Next level

Go-get ’em




1a – Band Pull Aparts 5 x 8

1b – Bottoms Ups Goblet Squat with Static Hold 5 x 5

1c – Lateral Band Woodchoppers 5 x 8/8

1d – TRX Rows 5 x 8

2a – Overhead Plate Reverse Lunges 5 x 5/5

2b – Bent Over Rows 5 x 5/5

2c – Hanging Straight Leg Raise 5 x 8/8

2d – Weighted Lateral Step Up 5 x 5/5

TRX Thursday

The beauty of interval training is the vast variability you have in structuring a workout. Of course there are considerations to make, such as you wouldn’t want to do :15 intervals of Turkish get ups…you’d never get in a full rep! Conversely it would be challenging to do a :90 interval of pull ups, not impossible but challenge nevertheless. Certain work/rest time intervals are better for different training goals.

For today’s Kettlebell workout you’ll notice there are three time intervals of essentially the same movements. This is a descending work/rest time ladder. As the time interval decreases, aim to use heavier weights.

1 – :40 of work / :20 of rest x 3 rounds of:

  • Hip Bridges
  • Power Ropes
  • Threaded Lunges

2 – :30 of work / :15 of rest x 3 rounds of:

  • Kettlebell High Pulls
  • Power Ropes
  • Threaded Lunges

3 – :20 of work / :10 of rest x 3 rounds of:

  • Hand to Hand Swings
  • Power Ropes
  • Threaded Lunges

4 – TRX Pikes 1 x 40


Urban Athletics:

Complete :30 of work / :15 of rest x 4 rounds. Complete all rounds of one exercise before moving on to the next.

  1. Power Ropes
  2. Snatches
  3. Slam Ball
  4. Push Press
  5. Jumping Lunges
  6. Backward Band Resisted Running

Finish up with a 2000m partner row, in 100m sprint intervals.

Timeless Tuesdays

Have you ever tried to do an exercise that needs to be done quickly or explosively, like a box jump or kettlebll swing, slowly? It’s virtually impossible, right?! In simple terms; fast, quick or explosive movements help develop power. When you think about the weights that you should use to do power based exercises, aim to chose weights that are challenging while you are able to maintain good form.

Tuesday’s Workout:

:15 on / :15 off x 8 sets of:

  • 1a – Split Squat Jumps
  • 1b – Clapping Push Ups!
  • 1c – Banded In and Outs


2 – Agility Ladder Drills x 8 minutes


:15 on / :15 off x 8 sets of:

  • 3a – Alternating Lateral Lunges
  • 3b – Band High Pulls
  • 3c – Plank Jacks


Mondays In Mt Airy

We think all workouts are fun, each one for different reasons. Ladders are a fun way to challenge yourself to aim to use heavier weights, jump higher, run faster, etc as the reps/time decrease. There is also a unique mental toughness that is required when doing some ladders, especially the first 1-3 rounds of a descending ladder. You feel like you still have so many reps to complete, then all of a sudden there are less reps and each round speeds up.


Monday’s Workout:

12-10-8-6-4-2 descending ladder of:

  • a – single side racked step ups
  • b – kettlebell plank
  • c – single side clean/thruster combo
  • d – single arm swings
  • e – band plank rows

*do all reps on each side

Hump Day Workouts

Strength days…

1 – Complete continuous rounds for 12 minutes of:

  • a – Front Squat x 3/3
  • b – Pull Ups x 3
  • c – RDL x 3

2 – 2 minute plank

3 – Complete continuous rounds for 12 minutes of:

  • a – Arm Bar x 1/1
  • b – Low Windmill x 3/3
  • c – Sots Press x 3/3

4 – 2 minute plank


In the continuous rounds strive to increase the weight you use as you get through rounds. Pick a weight to ‘warm up’ the exercises with and move up from there. If 3 pull ups are easy for you, add weight to your pull ups.

Power It Up Tuesday

Today’s focus is on power. Aim to use heavier weights in each set, increasing as able. Think of your power based exercises as fast and explosive, not an exercise you would do slowly.

:15 / :15 x 8

1a – Split Squat Jumps
1b – Clapping Push Ups
1c – Band In and outs


2 – Agility Ladder Drills x 8-10 minutes

:15 / :15 x 8

3a – lateral lunges
3b – band high pulls
3c – plank jacks