Finish Up 2020 Challenge

If 2020 has been your best year ever, and you are living with an abundance of health, happiness, and wealth – this challenge might not be for you.

Consider this… 2020 is supposed to represent “perfect vision”. But instead it may seem like most of your 2020 is dark, cloudy, uncertain, and more negative than ever. You may have experienced losses this year. It might have been with material things, emotionally, family, and the list goes on. It might even feel like you are battling against a series of defeats, depression, despair, discord, and disgust. What does this mean for your future?

Honestly, your future is up to you!

Do you want to remain in this 2020 state of mind forever?

Or, do you want to do something brighter and better for YOU, your family, and the world around you?!

With all that is happening in the world, a brighter and better future may seem a million miles away. But what if it wasn’t? What if it is right around the corner? What if it could start happening today?


It can, if you know where to start. And, if you know what to do. And, how to do it. And, have someone to show you every step of the way. You don’t have to figure it out on your own. You definitely don’t have to go at it alone.

That is exactly what Urban Athlete and it’s Coaches are here for! To help you along your journey toward creating better physical health, better emotional health, and overall a better life.

You might be wondering… What does it take to create better physical health, better emotional health, and overall a better life?

It takes a SIMPLE plan.

If you can follow a few basic principles on a consistent basis, there’s no doubt you will achieve SUCCESS.

When you have negative habits, like so many of us have fallen prey to, they will lead to poor health… a lower quality of life… and negative world around you.

However, when you have POSITIVE, healthy habits, they will lead you to better health… improved quality of life… and a more positive world around you.

Sounds SIMPLE doesn’t it? It is!

That does not mean that it’s easy. Achieving and maintaining good health is rarely easy. But thankfully it isn’t complicated either.

This is why it helps to have your own Urban Athlete Coach.

-YOUR Coach is going to show you what to do and how to do it.

-YOUR Coach will help educate and motivate you!

-YOUR Coach can do it with you but not for you.

You do need to put in the work. You have to make the effort. You must take action!! Just remember, you don’t have to be perfect. You just need to get started. You just need to show yourself you can make progress. For you.


It doesn’t matter where you are right this minute in terms of your health. Your Coach will work with you and meet you where you currently are. This is YOUR starting point. Then they will help you improve safely and successfully based on the lifestyle principles of Urban Athlete.

Let’s start building all the positive habits together. Let’s lay down a foundation of better health to have you Finish Up 2020 STRONG and more importantly, set yourself up for a brighter and better future next year and beyond.

Join us in the Urban Athlete – Finish Up 2020 Challenge (aka FU2020 Challenge) so we can help you create Better Physical Health… Better Emotional Health… and a Better Life!!

Take Control & Sign Up NOW!


What happens if you don’t join the FU 2020 Challenge?

Chances are you’ll continue to be a victim of the wave of negativity that might be crashing down all around you. Perhaps you’ll encounter more feelings of defeat or despair. Do not let it take over you.

Let’s face it, aspects of the world around you are unhealthy with varying degrees of chaos surrounding you.

-your health, your job

-your partner’s health, job

-your kid’s school and activities – it’s all so different

You may feel like you’ve lost any sense of control or day to day schedules you were previously accustom to. While there are many things you and I both cannot control, you can control the actions you take to positively impact your health. Which will positively impact your life.

You deserve to take this time to make decisions that will impact your physical health, emotional health and overall well being.

Let’s regain control of your attitude and your action!

It is time for some POSITIVITY AND PROGRESS. It is time for some SUCCESS!

Let’s start with getting YOUR HEALTH better. When you do that, we can make YOUR LIFE better. And, when we do that, we can positively influence the world around you better.

Together we can say FU 2020, Click here if YOU are in!


Here is what you receive with the Urban Athlete Finish Up 2020 Challenge.

The experience is meant to help you improve your health and quality of life to create positivity within and all around you. You will take the remainder of the year to focus on increasing positive habits in order to start achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What’s even better is, you may join this FU 2020 Challenge from anywhere in the world. We hope that you will invite your family and friends to join with you as well.

3 Workouts Each Week

-These are 40 minute workouts that focus on improving your strength, power, and endurance.

-In person, coached workouts are held at Urban Athlete, six days a week. Workouts are offered indoors and outdoors based on your comfort level. (Currently 12 sessions on the schedule.)

-Live Streaming, Coached workouts are also available six days a week via ZOOM. (Currently 16 sessions on the schedule.)

-If you can’t attend the in person or live streaming workout for whatever reason, you will have access to daily recordings of 8 workouts a week.

-Additionally, if you’d like to do more than 3 workouts a week you will have access to the recordings.

Fundamental Food Guide

-A break down of the basics

-What nutrients your body needs, where to get them, and how much you need

-Shopping list and suggestions of what to eat and not eat for optimum results

-Cookbook with delicious and nutritious recipes

Access to our private FU 2020 Facebook Group and the Members Only Urban Athlete Facebook Group

-The ability to interact with the Urban Athlete community

-Share your positive experiences

-Ask questions to your coaches and community

-Get daily messages to support you along the way

Bonus Workouts and Daily Movement Challenges

-There will be a daily movement challenge in addition to the workouts during the month of December

-Bonus workouts will be provided throughout

Entry Into the Challenge Raffle

-Get points for each in person and live streaming workout you attend to win weekly prizes



What is expected of you during the Finish Up 2020 Challenge?

This is NOT a weight loss contest. If you do lose weight because you developed and practiced more positive habits then consider it a bonus. This is meant to be pressure-free. Please enter into the FU 2020 Challenge with the intent on improving one aspect of your health in a positive way. Doing so will improve your quality of life and in turn, improve the world around you.

Display a positive mental attitude and focus on making progress over perfection. Remember, SUCCESS IS SIMPLE. Focus on the basics, master them, be consistent and you should find SUCCESS.

The goal of the FU 2020 Challenge is to create a positive impact on the world one healthy lifestyle at a time. Please share what you learn and the habits you’ve embraced with your family, friends, and community. When you sign up, remember you can encourage them to join you on the ride!

-Share the registration link (or even this page link) with anyone you would like to do this with you.

-Actively engage on social media to spread the message by posting pictures and videos of how you want to FINISH UP 2020 in a positive way. Please remember to tag us and #FU2020Challenge in those posts.

When does the FU 2020 Challenge begin and how do you join?

We begin on Saturday, November 28th (that’s two days after Thanksgiving) and continue positively and strong through the end of the year.

The deadline to register is midnight, Thanksgiving Night, Thursday, November 26th.

Remember, you can register from anywhere in the world. You can be coached from your own home Monday-Saturday. You will get access to all the information regardless of being in person or on your own time that is more convenient for you.

Nothing is more valuable than your health. It is nearly impossible to put a price on something so important. With all of the added bonuses, this challenge is easily worth $350 if not more.

Because the holidays are coming up, we want to show some gratitude and holiday spirit by making the Finish Up 2020 Challenge available to you for only $119!

Finish Up 2020 STRONG & Sign Up NOW!


After registering, you will receive a welcome email with all of the necessary information to begin and successfully complete the FU 2020 Challenge.

We look forward to walking beside you while you Finish Up 2020 with Better Physical Health, Better Emotional Health, and a Better Life!

In health,

Coach Pamela