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Workout Variety = Heightened Motivation

“After being a part of Urban Athlete, I am more motivated and more fit! The ever changing variety of workouts keeps me interested and challenged.” ~Sally P.

Several weeks ago, we had a client show us an article from The New York Times, “How ‘Muscle Confusion’ Might Help Your Workouts.” The article was a summary of a research study done with two groups of people: 

  1. Same exercise routine each time they came into the gym 
  2. Randomly generated exercise routine each time they came into the gym

At the end of eight weeks, researchers used ultrasound to measure the size and strength of the participants’ leg muscles from both groups. The researchers hypothesized that if the group who received randomly generated exercise routines had stronger muscles, then this was evidence of muscle confusion. 

However, the researchers did not find a significant difference in physical strength between the two groups. What they did find, however, was a difference in motivation.

The group who did a different exercise routine each time they came into the gym had significantly higher motivation to continue exercising at the completion of the study.

There are a slew of factors that contribute to exercise adherence. (Hmm..Maybe we’ll talk about that in a later post?) However, if workout variety is something that keeps people coming into the gym, then we can definitely control that.

Every Monday at Urban Athlete, the coaches take the time to discuss the workouts for the week. Why? Because they’re different each and every day! This way, coaches can stay up to speed on the many different movement variations and patterns that we use. 

A little more time and energy creating different workouts 

A lot more motivation from the clients who complete them

If you’d like to check-out the article that we referenced, please follow this link! 


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