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Working Within

Let me begin by saying that it is challenging to not write a blog post that doesn’t pertain to this current time! We have all had unique experiences with COVID-19, and I certainly cannot begin to speak to yours.  However, I am an expert (I like to think) on my current situation, so I’d like to highlight something that I have learned.

I think it is tempting to wish for COVID-19 to leave so that we may return to our lives.

However, we are currently faced with a unique opportunity to work within a situation.

Here are a few examples of how I work within COVID-19, rather than wish for its removal entirely!

Pick something that you love to do, and do it at the same time each day. Each morning, I have fallen into this habit of sitting at my desk that looks out the window into our yard, with a cup of coffee. Sometimes I read, sometimes I think. It sounds cheesy, but I love it! (Mostly the coffee…) What do you love to do? Hang on to that.

Choose health. Urban Athlete is special. I could have written this blog post about so many different topics, because UA takes a wholistic approach to health. Health to me has always meant listening to my body. My body tells me when I need to eat differently, sleep differently, work out differently, or think differently. When I tell this to people, they normally respond with, “Well, my body is telling me to eat ice cream!”. To which I say, “Well yes, my body tells me that too.”

Still focus on people. My favorite part about  being a coach at Urban Athlete is that the people are the priority. We have the privilege of offering our workouts over Zoom, but we also delight in reaching out to our clients via phone call or text message throughout the week. As a coach who lives an hour from the gym, I now feel more a part of the Urban Athlete community than I ever have. What are some ways that you have been able to keep people the priority?

Here is a question to consider ~ Have you Hope?

Hope, not only for after COVID-19, but also for during or within it?

Cheers to good health.

~ Jennifer B.

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