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Winterizing Your Outdoor Workout

I am willing to conjecture that you likely just read the title of this blog post and exclaimed, “It’s only just Fall!”.

Well, yes – Fall only just began, BUT the change in season is always exciting. The coming of a new season of weather means adjustments in how we live our day to day lives.

We live in a part of the country that gets (at least most years…) four distinct seasons, which means four distinct arrivals of new living conditions.

Some of our activities seem to be better suited for some seasons more than others.

When our workouts first became virtual in March, I was wearing a long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt, rain jacket, leggings, long socks, and a winter hat. (The only large enough space that I had to work out was my front porch…)

Let’s just say that by the time the end of April rolled around, working out on my front porch became very enjoyable – as you might imagine.

Currently, people all over the country (including those at Urban Athlete) are taking advantage of outdoor workouts. The hot temperatures are starting to break, and the 6AM sunrise could not be more beautiful.

Generally speaking – when different seasons head our way, we don’t stop doing what’s important to us or good for us, we simply make a few adjustments. (If I had a penny for the amount of times I heard that softball was “a game of adjustments”…)

Here are a few practical adjustments that you can make, in order to keep working out as the temperatures continue to fall:

Wear proper gear. Even though the temperatures are cooler, we all know that we are bound to sweat. Keep in mind that this is your body’s cooling mechanism – Coupled with a t-shirt, shorts, and 40-50 degree weather…Make sure that you regulate your body temperature accordingly, and plan ahead with plenty of layers.

Stay hydrated. Sometimes it’s the easiest to drink water when we’re hot and sweaty. Stay ahead of the game and drink before you get thirsty. This could look like drinking plenty of water the night before a 6AM workout.

Listen to your body. Give your body the space and grace to adjust to the change in weather – hot or cold. Our bodies are incredible and adaptable, but they need the time to do so.

Here’s to always finding a way to work out, no matter what.

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