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Why your gym membership is more essential than exercise

The reason why your gym membership is even more essential than exercise.


How many times have you joined a gym, gone for a few weeks even a few months, then stopped completely?

How many times have you started a program on your own, stuck with it for a few weeks and let life get in the way?

How many times have you started an exercise program on your own but didn’t know how to do half the exercises so you either skipped them or just stopped altogether?

How many times have you wondered, can exercise really be this hard?

The reason why your coach-led gym membership is more essential than exercise itself is it gives you:

  • Coaching
  • Accountability
  • Relationships



When you go at it alone but aren’t familiar with what you are doing, 

  • it’s hard to know if you’re moving the right way, 
  • if you’re picking up the weights with proper form, 
  • if you’re interpreting the workout the correct way, 
  • if you’re making the best choices for movements that don’t feel great for your body. 

It’s a little like, don’t sweat the small stuff. We have you covered. One of our goals is to ensure you are moving the right way and keeping form throughout each exercise, every single workout. There isn’t any guess work when you walk into the workout with Urban Athlete, whether it’s live streaming or on-site, we’re explaining the entire workout from start to finish. When you are having an off day or something doesn’t quite jive with how your body is feeling, we’ll make sure you get through the workout the safest way possible. 



When you’re on your own for exercise, 

  • snooze can be easier than getting out of bed, 
  • no one is looking when you skip a round of exercises, 
  • ice cream or chips can be a louder voice,
  • ten days can pass between workouts when you thought it was only three. 

We want you to show up to your workouts and reach your goals. We aren’t asking you to be perfect, we only want you to make your best effort every day both in the gym and out. Lifestyle is an important consideration when you set your plan for your health and fitness journey. 



When you are part of gym community, you’re surrounded by those who, 

  • are interested in similar things as you, 
  • appreciate the effort that last workout took, 
  • understand why you’re making a commitment to you, 
  • who are looking to be supported in similar ways as you.

Urban Athlete should feel like an extension of your best support structure. The coaches want to see you succeed. Fellow members join in celebrating successes as well as lift you up when it’s challenging. 


Your coach-led, gym membership should be an experience as well as a support system that walks beside you as you reach your goals and helps to pick you up when you stumble, just like a trusted friend. 

To get started on your journey with us, call 215-248-2130, to set up a time to meet with a coach. 


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