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Why You Should Consider A Dance Class

We focus on all types of fitness at Urban Athlete in Mt. Airy and realize that not all efforts to be fit take place in the gym. Some occur on the streets as people walk, jog, or run for fitness. If you recall the training Rocky had in the movie of the same name, it involved punching sides of beef and racing up steps Philadelphia Museum of Art, now called the “Rocky steps.” You don’t even have to train like a fighter. You can train like a ballerina. If ballet isn’t your thing, go for more modern dancing styles that push your heart rate to the limit.

Let’s start with the cardio benefits of dance.

If running is your cardio workout of choice, there can be problems. The first is the joint wrecking pounding of the feet. It’s high-impact and can cause too much stress on joints. The second is the weather. If it’s raining out, you can run a mile or two, but chances are, you’ll find a way to avoid it because of the inclement weather. Running alone isn’t always safe, either. With most types of dance, you’ll get a cardio workout without taking to the streets. Many of the dance styles only require a small area.

You’ll give all your muscles a workout.

Most dance forms contain movements of multiple joints and muscles. They often increase the range of motion and build strength. Some of the ballet positions are used to build strength in various body areas. The plie tones leg muscles, for example. You’ll find examples in all types of dances that build muscles and strength. After a few weeks of dance sessions, you’ll realize how much more flexible you are and far less weary during regular exercise.

You’ll enjoy dancing and get benefits.

Time goes faster when you’re moving your body to music. It’s fun and the music diverts your attention. Instead of focusing on how tired you are, you’ll focus on the music and the move to do next. You can choose ballroom dancing, disco, hip-hop, swing, or other types of dances that may require a partner and make the class a couple’s night out, so you and your partner benefit from it. If you don’t want to join a dance class, turn on a music video and dance in your living room.

  • Dancing can help you lose weight and have fun while you do it. The amount of calories you burn depends on the dance. A waltz won’t burn as many calories as modern jazz does.
  • Dancing helps build neurotransmitters in your brain. If you’re in an organized dance class, it can improve your focus as it builds new brain cells.
  • Wipe out stress with time on the dance floor. Dancing can get your heart pumping and your mind on the music. It’s a great stress buster. It’s fun, so you’ll have a smile on your face while you exercise.
  • Dancing can help reduce depression and keep your blood pressure lower. It also helps lower blood sugar levels and improves your cholesterol profile. It’s a great supplement to working out at the gym but isn’t a replacement for a program designed for your needs.

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