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What Modifying a Workout Really Means

You and I both have things that we just really love to do.

You and I also have things that we know are good for us to do, but they may not be what we necessarily love to do.

Everyone exercises for different reasons. For some of us, it may be because we love it. For others of us, it may be because we know exercising is good.

So what keeps us from doing something that we love to do or that we know is good for us?

With exercise, this can often mean previous or current injuries and pain.

Let me begin by saying that sometimes our bodies absolutely and 100% need rest – not only to just slow it down, but also to be given enough time and space to stop completely.

However, there is also a time and place in a group workout setting where the workout needs to be adjusted or modified to suit your body’s needs.

For the remainder of this post, I’m going to stand firmly behind the belief that to modify a workout does not mean to make the workout easier. To modify a workout simply means to change it.

Whether we are in the gym or online, the format of our workouts at UA are always the same. After we demo the exercises for the workout, there is always time allotted for people to voice what their bodies are telling them that day.

Did they sleep funny? Is this their first workout back from a vacation? Do they have an old knee injury that’s flared-up?

Coaches provide the clients with options for that exercise when they see it in a workout. As the rounds go on, the client feels equipped to make real time decisions. Maybe on one round they need to do Swings, instead of Vertical Jumps, but on the next round their knees feel okay to jump.

In a workout, each exercise targets a specific muscle group and joint. The amazing news (and why workouts can have so much variety) is that there are countless exercises that work your quads, some that put stress on the knees and others that do not. The same could be said for your hips, core, and shoulders.

There is always a work around, and work arounds aren’t always easy.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can work out with UA while at home, please follow this link: or send us an email at! 

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