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Mt Airy Exercise

What Are You Looking To Achieve?

What exactly are you looking to achieve this year as it relates to your health and fitness? Have you decided you want to lose 15 pounds or stop eating processed foods or maybe even deadlift your own bodyweight or more.


Any of the options I listed or any you have in your heart, all require you to start and then be consistent.

I could have belabored that a bit but that’s the reality right? If you want to see a change, you have to make a change.


It’s a really unique time at Urban Athlete right now. It is of course the beginning of the year and resolutions are flying around everywhere but the reality is this… We want to see you reach your goals. Sometimes it takes a little kick start to get things going and to remind you or even inspire you to keep going!

The upcoming 6 week Lifestyle Challenge isn’t about restrictions and two-a-day workouts. In fact we’re bringing it further back to the basics than I ever have before. It’s crazy but it’s true – measure the calories in, measure the calories out and ensure the calories in are rich in nutrients.


You ready to make the jump?


Starting Monday, January 28th – you can take the lifestyle leap with us. Send us a message  to urbanathletephilly (at) or 215-248-2130 to get set up for a success session this week and get started on the path that will lead you to long term success with your health and fitness.



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