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Mt Airy Exercise

UA at Home!

Exercise is a big component to Urban Athlete’s wellness lifestyle program. While most clients might only do resistance workouts 3-5 times a week, we encourage daily movement even on the “off days”. Incorporating activities like walking, mobility and original strength resets are all part of the process of being active. 

We’ve always offered bodyweight workouts to our clients when they are traveling so they may stay on track with their exercise program for reaching their goals. Due to recent events we are now offering a full online bodyweight exercise option as a membership option to assist the community in maintaining their health and wellness during this time. 

UA at Home Live Streaming is temporarily replacing our traditional gym membership during the Shelter in Place mandate. Our community attends dual coach-led workouts online through a virtual, live streaming platform. Coaches are teaching the bodyweight exercises and correcting form while giving modifications to make exercises either more challenging or easier based on skill set and capability. 

Virtual, live streaming bodyweight workouts are offered 11 times a week. 

Mon, Wed, Fri 7am

Mon – Sat 9am

Mon, Wed 5pm

Virtual, live streaming weighted workouts are offered 5 times a week. 

Tue, Thurs 7am

Tue, Thurs, Fri 5pm

(Once the Shelter in Place mandate has been lifted, the live streaming workouts will return to in facility workouts. There will be a brief period of overlap between the two programs as well.)

UA at Home Live Streaming also includes:

Access to a private, members only, online community

Four, Monthly Recipe Packs

Weekly accountability with check ins from a coach

Variety of members only challenges

Pre-recorded, follow along workouts for when you can’t make the gym

UA at Home Live Streaming Trial $109 

Scheduled Discovery Call with an Urban Athlete Coach

Scheduled Virtual Success Session with an Urban Athlete Coach

4 Weeks of Virtual, Live Streaming Coach led Workouts begin as soon as your Success Session is complete.

UA at Home is a monthly workout pack of three pre-recorded bodyweight workouts a week for a total of 12 pre-recorded bodyweight workouts a month. Workouts are delivered weekly with a prescribed warm up. Each month the workouts are refreshed. 

Pre-recorded workouts give you the opportunity to workout on your own while not having to plan what to do for your workout on your own. UA at Home workouts also include a scalability option, which assists you with several ways to make your workouts more/less challenging. 

UA at Home Trial $74 

Scheduled Discovery Call with an Urban Athlete Coach

Your 3 pre-recorded workouts, delivered weekly for 4 weeks are accessible once your Discovery Call is complete.


If you’d like to register for either of our UA at Home Trials, please follow this link: or send us an email at ! 

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