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    “I dropped 20 lbs”

    Working out at UA has transformed my life. Before starting, I was completely out of shape and overweight. I had knee and back issues…so I was a bit scared to join this gym… worried that I wouldn’t be able to do the exercises without injuring myself and worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up.

    What I found was that the UA trainers can instruct you on workout modifications to accommodate any fitness level and issue…they give personal attention even in a group setting. The workouts are always different, never boring, challenging in a good way…and fast…typically done in only 45 minutes! Also UA has a very supportive atmosphere, which makes working out fun and creates a real sense of community.

    When I started Pamela, the owner, also set me up with a nutrition program as part of an eight week challenge… and over that time I dropped 20 lbs. Six months in… still losing weight and that’s a thrill, but the best part is that I feel amazing… stronger and healthier. My knee and back pains have disappeared, which was unexpected and awesome. I have so much more energy and mobility in everything that I do… it’s truly a transformation and I have UA, Pamela, and all the trainers to thank for it!

    Sari H.

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