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    “The variety of the workouts has kept me engaged and excited”

    When isolation started I wondered how I would keep up my workout routine, but I didn’t have to worry for a second, because the coaches at Urban Athlete were ready with live streaming workouts multiple times daily! These workouts have helped me continue to build strength and mobility, offered challenges far beyond what I would do on my own, and kept me accountable to myself. The variety of the workouts has kept me engaged and excited, and I appreciate the focus on bodyweight exercises that are accessible to everyone and don’t require equipment. I look forward to these workouts each day, and I feel strong and healthy.

    One thing that’s been surprising is how great coaching really translates over the internet: the coaches offer modifications, give feedback, answer questions, give us lots of encouragement, and make us laugh. Everyone is able to access the workout in a way that fits their body and their needs. And as I mention “us,” it is important to share that the sense of community and camaraderie that makes Urban Athlete a home to so many, is felt just as strongly at home (especially as our kids pop their heads into the frame to say hello).

    Marisa C

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