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    Testimonial Picture of Janet R (2)
    “Urban Athlete has been a second family to me”

    Urban Athlete welcomed me in 2015 where I coached for two years and had a blast. The high-intensity interval training focuses on functional movements with an emphasis on form; crucial to lasting results and health. Urban Athlete has been a second family to me. You’ll find support to reach your goals and the coaches will motivate you to keep coming back. I am so grateful to have worked here and I couldn’t have asked for more from this community. When my husband and I moved due to his work it was tough to say goodbye!

    Pamela reached out to me earlier this year to coach live streaming sessions during the COVID-19 shutdown. Reconnecting with our members and meeting new faces has been so rewarding. Our coaches are knowledgeable, diverse, and inviting. Give UA a chance and find the gym you’ve been searching for.

    Janet R

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