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Succeed In Your Fitness Journey with Support

Have you ever felt a little overwhelmed when you started on a fitness or nutrition program? Especially if you’re going at it alone…


I know I have. I’ve always done my best when I’ve worked out with a friend or coach on a regular basis. I’ve also always done my best with nutrition when my husband is eating the same things I am eating or if I have an accountability coach checking in and making tweaks to what I’m doing.


Both of these; exercise and nutrition seem to have the same results for me when I have a support system. Many of clients have experienced this as well! That’s why I still workout with our groups at Urban Athlete 🙂


It’s not easy work but when you have others working toward the same goal alongside of you it feels more attainable and you have someone or a group of people to lean on when it starts to feel really hard.


It might be hard for you to wake up at 5:30am for a 6:00am workout but if you’re meeting some friends who expect you to show, you’re more likely be there, possibly even with a smile on!


I think our community at Urban Athlete is really solid is this aspect. I always hear our members talking about when they will see someone next and which workouts they plan to attend this week.


If this is something that you believe will help add that spark to your current plan or keep you committed longer than you usually are, I’d like to invite you in for a two week trial on us to test it out.


Sound interesting?


Here’s the only stipulation. All I ask is that you commit to at least 3 workouts a week for two weeks in a row. If you can do this, we’d love to see you. Simply give us a call, 215-248-2130 to let us know when you’ll be in for your first workout. You can even leave us message with your name, phone and the time/day you’ll be in.


Here’s a link to our schedule so you can decide when to come in: Urban Athlete Group Training

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