If making it to the gym consistently doesn’t work for your schedule, you’ll want to sign up for our 4 week, at home workout program. Recorded workouts are delivered to you on a monthly basis. Each month the workouts are refreshed to keep variety and scalability to your at home sessions. We’ve structured the program so you have the goal of doing 3 bodyweight workouts a week.

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This program is designed to develop youth ages 14-18 into athletes who are Strong, Team focused, Agile, Resilient, and Successful. These sessions meeting for 45 minutes twice a week focusing on strength and conditioning, agility, mobility, and injury prevention. Workouts will consist of Urban Athlete’s foundational movement patterns, such as the squat, hip hinge, and pushing/pulling shoulder movements. This is the ideal environment for students looking to get in workouts before their prospective sports seasons or for students who are looking to stay active throughout the year!

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Urban Athlete believes in health and wellness for all ages! In preparation for our STARS program, children 10-13 will participate in structured game based play that introduces bodyweight movement patterns, all while having fun with their friends! These sessions meet for 45 minutes twice a week, after school. Currently the primary focus is to provide a substitute for a traditional physical education program during the virtual/hybrid schooling model.

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Urban Athlete believes in health and wellness for all ages! In preparation for our Rising STARS program, children 6-9 will participate in organized game based play while having fun with their friends! These sessions meet for 45 minutes after school and outdoors.

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This group workout is great for those who have finished physical therapy and are on their way to returning to functional fitness. Not quite ready for High Intensity Interval Training but still have nagging aches? This group training will make sure you’re ready for everyday tasks by focusing on gentle strength training, mobility, flexibility, and balance. Our Restorative UA group training has all the best parts of an Urban Athletics workout but is low impact and has a focus on gentle resistance training.

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Are you a member of a local sports team or want to hit the gym with some friends this off-season? Urban Athlete offers team training specifically tailored to your sport, whether that may be soccer, baseball/softball, football, basketball, or equestrian. Workouts will focus primarily on strength & conditioning and speed & agility. Ask us more about how we can give your team an edge this season!

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