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Relaxing is Tough

This blog post is one of the easier ones to write because of how close to home it hits. Some of you may relate to it in different ways, but I definitely know that I do.

Here it goes…

Resting is hard for me. If there is more time left in the day, I assume that something productive must be done with it. (You likely already see the flaws in my thinking, but alas we are human…)

Similarly, if I don’t feel like I’ve been productive that day, I don’t give myself permission to relax. So there exists this relationship in my mind between productivity and relaxation.

The more productive I am, the more I allow myself to relax.

Now – the best days I have are the days where I schedule the time that I will work and the time that I will relax. I laugh as I type this, because I understand that we don’t always have this luxury…

My ultimate goal for myself is that I am able to be at peace (or at rest if you will) always and regardless of my external circumstances.

However, sometimes we need tools to help us get where we are looking to go. Take rest in a workout for instance. We briefly mentioned this in an earlier blog post, but I wanted to highlight it again, as our lives and habits have inadvertently become more fluid.

Rest in a workout is proportional to the amount of work that we do, depending on what we wish to accomplish – endurance, hypertrophy, strength, power. We can minimize our rest time to give our muscles less time to restore, less time to gather the ingredients they need for contraction. However, when going for max lifts, we give ourselves ample rest time between sets.

Rest is adjustable.

I may need to schedule rest now, but my ultimate goal is to be able to rest wherever and whenever.

Who’s with me?


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