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Patience is Key

Like anything we talk about at UA – we always talk about lifestyle patterns as they relate to the whole person. By whole person, I mean physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Today, I am going to talk about patience, and I hope to discuss it holistically as I just mentioned.

First, let me ask: Do you have a positive or negative connotation with the word patience?

This might very well influence your perception of this blog post, but I am entrusting you to keep reading!

Second question: Can you think of a specific instance of patience or lack thereof?

I am going to share a personal example of patience that is both physical and mental. We’ll get to emotional patience in a bit…

My dad, like most dads, started as my sport’s coach and quickly became my life coach. For better or worse (mostly better), my dad was the head coach of my travel softball team, during my senior year of high school.

He should write a book on his opinions concerning mental toughness. However…I was a terrible hitter (but an amazing catcher…), and he needed to use every coaching phrase in the book to help me get a hit.

Wait for your pitch.

To which every player in a slump responds, “What do you meeaaan wait for my pitch!? I’ll be waiting forever!”

Waiting for your pitch is an example of being mentally patient – taking conscious control of your thoughts, telling yourself that you don’t need to act now.

This leads me to the part of my patience example that is physical. Something physical happens when you are mentally waiting for your pitch – as a hitter, your hands subconsciously stay back. There are physical consequences to your mental decisions. Seems simple enough!

But does it work in reverse? Can your hands stay back without first deciding that you are going to wait?

We can all relate differently to this, which is why I don’t want to give you any specific examples outside of my personal story.

But lastly, we also have the power to be patient with our emotions. To stay with my softball team example, you can imagine the frustrations that might occur within any team dynamic. If everyone acted on their very first emotion to surface, it would create a rather tumultuous experience…

That first emotion is incredibly valid, however other emotions often arise when you give yourself the time.

This week, be patient with yourself, as you try to be patient – in all areas of your life!

Cheers to you.

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