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No Time?? Use More Intensity!

You can get in shape and achieve your goals, and it doesn’t have to take up your whole day. We can help you achieve your goals in just 2% of your time every week at Urban Athlete in Mt. Airy, PA. It’s all about having the right exercises and the right amount of intensity. Did you know that a shorter, more intense workout might actually be healthier than a far longer one that’s steady state and moderate? It’s true.

You have to get more physical to fight diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

First, before we go into the scientific results, let’s make it clear that exercising on a regular basis, no matter what the intensity, is far healthier than not exercising or having a spotty, catch-as-catch-can schedule. However, a recent study showed that when you exercised most vigorously, compared to those who burned the same number of calories with moderate exercise, reduced the potential of metabolic syndrome by 67%. Moderate exercise is riding a bike leisurely, while vigorous or intense exercise might be jumping rope or running.

The US Department of Health and Human Services recommends 150 minutes of exercise per week.

That 150 minutes is for people doing moderate exercise, like the examples already given. However, when you kick in high gear and go for a more intense workout, the US Department of Health and Human Services says you only have to exercise half the amount of time, or 75 minutes every week. A vigorous workout burns two times the amount of calories, compared to a moderate one.

You tire quicker when you do high intensity workouts.

It makes sense that you’ll be more apt to get winded and physically exhausted quicker doing and intense workout, rather than a moderate one. You use a different fuel source when you workout at high intensity. With moderate exercise, you use aerobic pathways to create energy, which requires oxygen. When you kick it up to high gear, you’re using more fast-twitch muscles, which use anaerobic pathways that rely on carbohydrates for energy. You go faster, have more power, but ultimately, get exhausted quicker. However, you also get more benefits, including cardiovascular benefits, from a more intense workout.

  • Your intensity can help reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome, which causes weight around the middle, difficulty controlling blood sugar levels, high blood pressure and a reduction of good cholesterol.
  • HIIT—high intensity interval training— workouts vary the workout intensity so you can workout longer, yet get the benefits of a high intensity workout.
  • Not only do people burn more calories during a more intense workout, the calories continue to burn higher up to 48 hours after the workout ends. It also activates hormones that burn fat, such as the human growth hormone.
  • We will create the best possible workout to help you reach your fitness goals. The workouts will push you hard, but will be safely within your maximum potential.

For more information, contact us today at Urban Athlete

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