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Mt Airy Exercise

Movement is Bliss

There was something about our Bodyweight Bliss workouts this week that made me feel like I was preparing for battle. Maybe this is an exaggeration, maybe it’s not. But as my heart rate increased and I began to sweat doing Lateral Bounding (in the 4 feet of empty space in my bedroom…), I couldn’t help but feel like I was reminding my body just how strong it was. 

Exercise protects our bodies, but it also shields our brains. As soon as I was finished working out, I had the energy and the motivation to cook a healthy dinner for my family. 

We wanted to write a blog post this week that empowered you to work out from home. We wanted to give you the freedom to start moving anywhere you find yourself – your living room, kitchen, front porch, or the four feet of empty space in your bedroom. 

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but your body (and your brain) are counting on you to move. 

I’ll organize the different movements and household items that you can use by where you find yourself in the house! 

Living room: Do you allow feet on the furniture in your house? You can do elevated hip bridges with your heels on a recliner or the couch! 

Kitchen: Use a mop or broom for shoulder dislocates! Take a wide grip on the broom, keeping your arms straight and gently travel up and behind your head.

Bedroom: Get those feet up on your bed for an elevated push-up or plank! 

Bathroom: Right now, there is currently a bucket of bleach in our bathroom, because we are about to mop the floors! In between cleaning the tub and floor, throw some RDL’s in there with the bucket – but maybe first make sure that it’s just full of water… 

Hallway: This is a great space to do anything that we would do while traveling in the gym – think dynamic warm-up. Walking to the bathroom? Throw some lunges in there! Ever done crossovers (think right over left) to your toothbrush? Well, now’s the time! 

Front/Back Porch: Throw down a towel or yoga mat and get busy! This can be your favorite core workout or reset! 

We are here to support you, as you take this time to focus on your physical and mental well-being. Our hope is that the healthy habits you form now, during these trying weeks, would last your lifetime.

Happy moving! 

Whether you decided to try RDL’s with a bucket or caught yourself lunging down the hallway, we want to see you exercising at home! Post yourself using one of the suggested home items, and tag @urbanathletephilly on either Instagram or Facebook to win 1 week of Bodyweight Bliss workouts! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #uastrong ! 


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