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Make Your 2023 Fitness Goals Come True

We’ve barely started 2023, so there’s still time to turn those New Year’s resolutions into real goals that you achieve. A lot of people in Mt. Airy, PA, have focused on fitness goals this year. If you’re one of those people, those goals can come true, but you have to put in the effort. You can reduce the effort by having a plan and sticking with it. A healthy, fit body doesn’t occur by taking one giant step. It’s achieved by taking a lot of small steps consistently. That’s one of the keys, consistency.

Start with a healthy diet.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean dieting, it simply means making smarter choices in food. Your body needs healthy food to be its best. Most of all, eating healthy can help you reach your ideal weight, whether you need to gain weight or lose it. Exercise is important, but you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. Focus on whole foods and avoid foods with added sugar. By avoiding sugar and processed food, you’ll be on the road to eating healthier and becoming the best possible you.

Begin a program of regular exercise.

The key to success is consistency. No matter what exercise program you choose, you have to do it consistently. Progress is made in small increments that add up to big gains. Just spending 45 minutes 3 days a week could make a huge difference that will last the rest of your life. Our exercise programs are designed specifically for you, your schedule and your needs. If you’re a self-starter, prefer working out at home, love the energy of group sessions or want something more private, we provide it. Best of all, you’ll get started and be more accountable to sticking with your plan.

Increase your activity level, improve your diet and make other lifestyle changes, too.

When you start eating healthier and working out regularly, you’ll start to notice changes. Your energy level will increase and you’ll start focusing on other ways to boost your health and fitness. Getting adequate sleep is one way. You need between seven and nine hours of sleep a night for fitness. Creating a sleep schedule and sticking to it can add to your resolve for fitness. Drinking more water can be another addition to a healthy lifestyle. Eliminating bad habits is also easier the fitter you become.

  • You can improve your results by increasing your activity levels in other ways. Park further from the door and walk to the store. Take the stairs and not the elevator. Enjoy active family time with biking, hiking or other activities that get you moving.
  • Eat slower. Practice mindful eating, where you savor each morsel. Chew each bite of food longer. It will help you eat less and you’ll be doing a favor for your digestive system, too.
  • Improving your sleep habits are good for your health and they keep your hunger—-ghrelin, and satiety—leptin hormones in balance. When you lack sleep, the body makes less leptin and more ghrelin so you tend to eat more.
  • As you start eating healthier and consume less sugar, you’ll start to notice how sweet fruit tastes. You’ll also notice how good you feel when you eat healthily and how out-of-sorts you feel when you don’t.

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