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Love Your Body – Workout Naked

When you first read that you should workout naked, what were your thoughts? Did you picture yourself in the gym with others mocking you or feel disgusted because you don’t feel you look that good? Both thoughts indicate that you don’t love your body. Loving your body can be extremely important to the success of a fitness program. If you find yourself disgusting, why would you want to treat it good, like eating healthy and a program of healthy exercise.

Face the honest truth.

Sure, you won’t look like a starlet or muscular hunk, but you’re all you’ve got. The more you expose yourself to how you look naked, exercising or not, the more you’ll start feeling comfortable in your own skin and start accepting yourself. It helps you to learn more about your own body and start to accept your body image. Improving body image can improve your satisfaction in life.

It’s more than just mental, you’ll get other benefits.

There’s no way to hide bad form if you’re naked, so you’ll be able to see exactly how you’re moving. On the other hand, if you’re wearing baggy clothing that hides how each muscle moves, you may continue doing an exercise wrong. Check for alignment, inconsistency in movement from one side to the other. You might find that your dominant side is working far harder than your non-dominant side, creating even more imbalance.

Working out naked includes working out with others.

There are classes devoted to naked workouts, which can be quite helpful for some. You’ll get to see the other people without the designer workout clothes in stark reality. Everyone has some flaw under their clothing. Nobody is perfect. Whether it’s a roll of fat around the waist, a scar, blotchy skin or body hair, it’s all revealed when working out in the nude. You get a better perspective on what you should expect from your own body. While you may not be able to accept flaws in yourself. If you’re working out nude with others, it can help teach you that. If you accept the flaws in the body of someone else, surely you can accept your own.

  • You’ll be able to see your progress when you workout naked. Every muscle flex and inch of skin is exposed. It helps you learn about the human form and you’ll be able to see when there’s even the most minor change.
  • Not everyone will be comfortable working out nude in a group. In fact, few will. If you want to test the waters, find a private area where you can try it alone. Getting a full length mirror will help you with developing form and getting used to seeing yourself nude.
  • If you workout nude, you’ll feel more liberated and that can transfer to everyday life. It can help you experiment in other areas of life or try for a goal you might not have considered previously. It’s all about self-acceptance.
  • Clothing can be restrictive and not allow you to reach your full range of motion. When you workout naked, you won’t have that problem, which means increased flexibility and possibly even burning more calories.

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