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Mt Airy Exercise

Why We Love the Turkish Get-Up

Here’s the short version…

We understand that most have a love or hate relationship with the Turkish get-up. We have to tell you why we love it so much!

First and foremost the Turkish get-up is a full body exercise, there are very few muscles that aren’t working when doing this exercise. The shoulders are active stabilizers, the core is engaged, the lower body is required to stand from a weighted overhead lunge position and back down requiring balance and strength, which is no easy task.

Our next reason for ranking the TGU so high on the list is that it takes concentration to complete. The Turkish get-up isn’t one of those exercises that you can blast through quickly and without thought, it takes significant effort and should be done slow and controlled.

The third reason is that it’s a great stand alone strength exercise, plain and simple. (That’s probably really close to our first reason but it’s worth stating again…in a slightly different way.)

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