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Keepin’ It Real

What does the phrase “keepin’ it real” mean to you? Do images of surfers riding through the sunset come to mind? (Or maybe that’s a different phrase…)

Why would we want to “keep it real” in the first place? Is it better than not “keepin’ it real”?

What are the health benefits of “keepin’ it real”?

Let’s keep it real and jump into these questions –

When I think of what keepin’ it real looks like, I first think of speaking honestly and of giving an accurate account. This might look like describing the tough times, along with the great times, when talking to a friend about a relationship.

Keepin’ it real might also look like recounting both the ups and the downs of a recent lifestyle change (nutrition, physical activity, sleep patterns, etc.).

So why keep it real? Why tell all sides of the story, as vulnerable as it may make us feel?

When we keep it real, we embrace humility and admit that as humans, we have flaws.

Yet, flaws keep us relatable. They inadvertently make us accessible to other people who are going through the same thing. What better feeling than to have someone in your corner (and hopefully your corner of the gym).

I am proposing that we keep it real at the gym, whatever that may look like for you right now – a yoga mat and section of garage space if you’re a UA’er, an open field, or your squad of running pals.

Keepin’ it real improves exercise adherence. If we are open with our workout neighbor about such things as getting back into the swing of workouts after a long vacation, or feeling as though we don’t have enough time after work, we open the door to acceptance.

People can come to the gym as they are. They don’t have to wait for x, y, and z to have or have not happened – they can just come.

They can come, because they know that people there are keepin’ it real, so they can keep it real too.

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