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In the Holiday Spirit

We know it’s been hard to keep track of what day it is…Can you believe it’s already the holiday season?

(My apologies if panic ensued…)

More like the season for holiday workouts!

This past Monday, we held our annual Memorial Day workout at 9AM with over 40 people in attendance. Some were near and others were far, but the tradition is to start all holidays with Urban Athlete.

This year was no different.

The surrounding circumstances – 100%, but the people (with a few faces added and others greatly missed) and the reason for gathering together over Zoom remained the same. We wanted a challenge and a sense of normalcy, but most importantly we wanted to be together.

The first holiday workout was Thanksgiving Day in 2006, and we’ve been holding holiday workouts ever since! Thanksgiving workouts are always at 8AM, so there is time to make turkey (or avoid it altogether…).

In addition to Memorial Day and Thanksgiving Day, we also hold 9AM workouts on New Year’s Day, July 4th, and Labor Day. The workouts are always a little tougher, a little longer, and usually outside!

A holiday workout is extra special, because it is the only workout of the day. This means that people, who normally go to different workouts, get to spend time together! The UA community comes together every day, but holiday workouts are special for this reason.

You can always catch our crew showing their holiday spirit by wearing crazy themed socks, sweet bandanas, and possibly a tutu…

Whether we’re coming together before our own holiday celebrations or dressing up in crazy (by crazy, I mean cool) outfits together, we’re always coming together. And working hard – always working hard.


If you’d like to learn more about how you can work out with UA while at home, please follow this link: or send us an email at! 


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