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Mt Airy Exercise

“I just want to have more energy!”

I know there have been times in my life when I’ve said this.

Just as I know, there have been times in your life when you’ve said this too! Maybe you’ve even said it recently.

Unless there is some sort of underlying factor, chances are in order to have more energy you simply need four things to get you started and keep you going on the path to having more energy.

  1. Consistent Activity
  2. Supportive Nutrition
  3. Quality Sleep
  4. Better Life Balance

Don’t get me wrong…None of the above are either easy right out of the gate, nor are they going to be game changers overnight. When done with purpose and consistency, you will begin to see noticeable differences in your energy levels, your mood, and likely your body composition, among other things. At Urban Athlete, we like to think about this like Lifestyle Design.

It shouldn’t feel like you are making all the hard changes all at once. It shouldn’t feel like you can’t enjoy yourself, whether it’s having a relaxing day or an indulgence of food or drink. It should feel like you make good choices the majority of the time so that when you want to treat yourself you are able to without guilt.

There is no one right path for all of us to take. There is no one right nutrition plan or exercise plan. Or waking time. Or bed time. Or career path. Or number of hours worked. (I think you get my point.) There is no simple equation that balances out to the perfect answer. Above all else there are no quick fixes. I don’t write any of this to discourage you. In fact I write all this to encourage you to take the next step because change is good, and small change should feel manageable.

What is the one thing you could do today to move you closer to having more energy in your day?

Perhaps it is:

  • drinking more water
  • going to bed 15 minutes earlier
  • taking a walk
  • creating sleep specific space, free of electronics
  • eating a vegetable with every meal
  • starting a morning stretch routine

And the list can go on. Eventually we would aim to do all of these things, but for today…in this moment, pick just one thing that you can manage to start to make an impact on your own quality of life and gain some energy back. Each day keep with the same one thing, make a promise to yourself that you will stick with it. Notice I didn’t say for how long…That’s intentional, for now at least. The goal is to create a daily, small success that lets you believe in yourself to encourage you to do more.

As you start to master this one task and eventually more you might choose to make larger commitments like:

  • getting a personal trainer or joining a group training program close to home or work
  • scheduling your day to make sure you get at least 7 full hours of sleep each night
  • doing food prep 1-2 days a week for optimal nutrition even on your busiest of days
  • knowing when to say no to the things that aren’t a priority to you

When you’re able to make these larger commitments and incorporate them into your lifestyle you find you will have created a new path to walk in. One that likely feels better to you and is how you will gain more energy in the long haul, along with many other benefits.

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