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Focusing on Fitness

Feeling a little distracted these days? You’re not the only one! There is a lot going on around us:

Increased time with some family and less time with others

Uncertainties at your workplace

Concerns with personal and global health

Lack of or change in routine 

When we find ourselves distracted, what we think about next is incredibly important.

In these moments, when your head is spinning, we suggest that you focus on fitness.

Sometimes this appears challenging to do, because we can’t quite see how it relates or affects the previously mentioned distractions – your family, workplace, health, and routine. However, fitness has the power to transform each of these areas, which is why it deserves your attention.

Let’s discuss how focusing on fitness can enhance the time spent with your family. Have you ever tried to talk while working out? It’s incredibly challenging! We can reduce the time spent discussing unknowns in our environment, by getting to work on a variety of bodyweight workouts. This is a great way to spend time with our family, however, working out on your own will also allow you to approach family time with a clear, present mind.

To this point, focusing on fitness has profound mental benefits. The hormones released, while working out, provide a much needed boost in mood and allow us to come focused to work related tasks. When our head is clear, we have the ability to problem-solve and arrive at solutions confidently.

When we focus on fitness, we are also preparing our bodies for potential stressors, or in this case viruses. During a time when we are taking extra cleanliness precautions, be sure to also check-in with the system of muscles and bones that serve as your body’s armor. We want that to be as strong as possible.

Lastly, focusing on fitness can change or even create a daily routine. Commit to a scheduled workout time, and all of a sudden you have to plan the time before and after. What time will you wake-up and eat breakfast? What time will you answer emails and spend time with your kids?

Focusing on fitness can turn a spinning mind into a calm one.



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