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Have you ever started a workout program on your own, only to find it lasted less than a week and sometimes just one day? That happens because you’re human. People aren’t hard-wired to get active without something chasing them, some task to accomplish or running toward something they want. How do you avoid the start and quit syndrome? Get a workout buddy. It also helps if you’re trying to eat healthier and lose weight.

You can fool some of the people some of the time, but never your workout buddy.

I remember hearing a story from someone who smoked and gave it up to please his spouse and took up running, at least that’s what he told her. He used to go on runs every morning. Once he was out of sight, he’d stop at the local coffee shop, where you could still smoke, have a cup of coffee and a few cigarettes then go to the bathroom, splash water all over himself like sweat, get his toothbrush out from his fanny pack, brush and jog two blocks home, running the last pace to impress his wife. If he had a buddy, he couldn’t get away with such a ruse.

When another person holds you accountable, you’re more likely to be accountable.

One study showed that just phoning someone to see if they worked out increased the person’s exercise progress. The study had a group that was phoned once every two weeks and a group that wasn’t and the results were significant. The people phoned showed a 78% increased chance of exercising. It’s even better when you workout with a buddy, since they understand exactly what you’re experiencing, because they’re experiencing it, as well.

A workout buddy will help your exercise session be safer.

Are you lifting weights? A spotter is necessary and one that you can trust is even better. When you workout with a friend, they also can help you tackle new exercises, since two people learning the same thing helps boost confidence and you catch each other’s mistakes when it comes to form. Having the right form helps prevent injuries. If you’re a runner, a workout buddy is even more important. If you fall or have a medical issue, there’s always someone to help. While we hope you choose your route wisely and stick with safe areas. Sometimes things happen and when there’s two of you, even the boldest mugger will be discouraged.

  • You’ll probably workout harder if you’re working out with someone else. Nobody wants to be the first to quit and often friendly competition forms between you and your workout buddy.
  • If you’re working out AND focusing on healthy eating, the two of you can share recipe and meal ideas. In fact, some people cook double the meals, as do their workout buddies, and then share with each other, so it’s half the effort.
  • A workout buddy can make any workout more fun. It can get boring working out alone, so making it more social will help keep you exercising. It’s one reason our group sessions are so popular.
  • One reason personal trainers have such great results with clients is that they hold them accountable, just like a workout buddy. Not only do they provide the same incentive to show up for exercise, they follow the progress and make working out more interesting.

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