THE Challenge of ALL Challenges

Introducing the 14-21-14 Challenge

Getting you through the fall, pumpkin spice everything, football weekends,

holidays AND not hiding underneath baggy clothes.


There are big obstacles when it comes to being successful with a health and fitness program. We know that short duration challenges are easier to conquer but we also know that short duration challenges are sometimes too short to make a significant change.

We also know that long duration challenges are the most successful in changing habits and making an impact but can be too long to keep your interest.

The 14-21-14 Challenge is combination of the two!

The fall is a really difficult time to stick with an exercise routine and supportive nutrition. From getting back into the ‘regular’ routine after the summer, to football weekends, to pumpkin spice temptations, Halloween, Thanksgiving, cocktail parties and the ease of being able to cover up under warm, comfy sweaters – we want you to be successful in avoiding those temptations while also being able to moderately indulge in them.

Here’s the break down:

October 12: The Kick Off Meeting – 8pm at Urban Athlete

Get more details on the specifics of the challenge that are briefly listed out below.

October 16 – 29: Delete the Sweet

Sugar is one of the most addictive substances, it is also a hidden calorie in many foods, not just beverages.

November 2 – November 22: Whole Foods

Processed foods are easy but they aren’t great for our health. This part of the challenge focus on whole foods.

November 27 – December 10: Rejuvenate

The final part of the challenge will be a 14 day rejuvenate.



This challenge will have a lot of communication, we will need you to have a Facebook account so that we can add you to our private group for the challenge.

You will also get recipes to follow during the various stages of the challenge.

In addition to the nutrition components you want to attend a minimum of 3 workouts a week at Urban Athlete.


If you’re ready to have that extra layer of accountability to support you throughout the challenge and get you geared up to for a successful fall and winter of looking good a feeling great, register today!


Register HERE for the 14-21-14 Challenge



**Already a client of Urban Athlete and want to participate? Send us an email, we have your discount link!