We love hosting extra events at Urban Athlete; ranging from charity events to challenges to seminars and workshops. Most of our events are open to everyone but occasionally we reserve some events for clients only.

Upcoming events:

Saturday, August 17th – Self Defense Seminar – 10am to 12pm

Self Defense expert, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion, 3rd Degree Black Belt Professor Noah Spear has over 20 years of experience teaching men, women, and children the art of jiu jitsu and self defense. Noah is considered one of the top instructors of martial arts in the area, and is Head Instructor and owner of Spear Jiu Jitsu in Havertown Pa..

Noah is known for his creative teaching style, and his ability to teach anyone of any background or skill level. His Spear Jiu Jitsu Self Defense seminars are highly acclaimed by countless schools, universities, corporations, and individuals. Professor Spear is truly an expert in the field, and thoroughly enjoys sharing his knowledge with the world.

Cost: $40 per person

Sunday, August 18th – Games Workout – 4pm to 5:30pm

This bonus workout is literally full of games. How can exercise be fun you ask? It is and Coach Shawn has a game filled session planned for you and we couldn’t be more excited to play…literally!

Due to equipment limitations we will need to cap this workout at 14 people so early registration is required. Here’s the best part…We will be headed out to a social hour after the games. Meet up location to be decided.

Cost: $10/client, $20/non-client

1,000 Rep Challenge – August 1st to August 31st

Are you ready for this August Accountability?! I’m so excited for us to do this as a community 🙂

Between August 1st to August 31st, for those who are interested, we will do a 1000 rep challenge; completing 1000 reps each of squats, push ups and swings. We will keep a running tally on the whiteboard at UA.

You can add in your reps at the end of your workout, you can do some reps on your own at home. Here’s the catch, any squats, push ups or swings that happen in a workout will not count toward your 1000 reps. This is the honor system but will be fun to do together!

You may also do any variation of these exercise that you like.

Here are the possible break downs:
-33 reps a day, each day of the month
-46 reps a day, each week day of the month
-77 reps a day, each Mon, Wed, Fri of the month
-111 reps a day, each weekend day of the month
-or any other way you’d like to break it down

Let us know if you’re in!!

Cost: $0

28 Day Fall Challenge – September 3rd to September 30th

Details to be announced… We are going to rock this Fall!