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Don’t Be Afraid, Squashing The Dogma

Even after re-doing our website, I still get comments from people I meet that they are afraid or intimidated by the workouts at Urban Athlete.

Two things I hear frequently are:

1 – I have to get in shape before I can go there.

2 – Only really serious people workout there, right?


I hope I can answer those comments for you here.

1 – You don’t have to be in shape before you come to us.

In fact, a good number of our community aren’t in shape when they walk through our door. They expect us to get them in shape. Some of our clients never worked out a day in their life before starting with us. Some used to be athletes but have had life happen and let fitness and health take a back seat. Others are familiar with the types of workouts we do.

I take a great deal of pride in our program and community for many reasons. One of the main reasons is from the stand-point that we can, will and do modify our group workouts to get you started or back on track with your fitness journey. Meeting you where you are is very important to us. We want fitness to be a part of your lifestyle.

If group workouts aren’t your thing or you’d feel more comfortable easing your way in we also offer personal training. This can be something that you do for a few weeks to get you ‘ready’ for a group setting, training that you do to reach really specific goals or training to best accommodate your schedule.

The options and the flexibility can be very personalized.


2 – Yes, only really serious people workout with us.

Let me be clear with this one. Serious, as in, our community shows up to their workouts on a regular and consistent basis. Although it exists, very few people sign up with us and don’t attend.

The intensity level is different from person to person, as is each person’s strength, skill and capability. The level of “seriousness” comes solely from their individual commitment level.

I think we can all take a page out of that book, wouldn’t you agree?



In short, we don’t want you to be intimidated by Urban Athlete. We know we aren’t for everyone but I’m certain that if you give us a try you won’t be disappointed and at the very least you won’t be intimidated.

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