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Does Your Gym Do This?

We’re all drawn to different types of environments for a variety of reasons. This especially holds true to a gym environment.

You have to feel comfortable at the gym or you won’t go. The whole point of having a gym is to go there, right?

There are many things that set Urban Athlete apart from the typical gym, ranging from the community, to the workouts, to our approach of lifestyle based coaching.

One of the other things that really stands out to me is our belief in giving back. Philanthropy is a large part of what we do in and out of the gym.

  • Burpees & Burgers
  • Bonus workshops
  • Row-A-Thons
  • Outdoor workouts
  • Food & Toy drives

And the list can go on. Additionally some of our coaches volunteer their time to local organizations and/or run on charity bibs for endurance sports. Our clients are also participating in their own efforts.

It’s part of who we are.

If that’s something that speaks to you, come check us out!

We will be launching a new program at the start of the new year that allows organizations with proof of a 501c3 to do Workout Fundraisers. Stay tuned on more details about that, we’re pretty excited about it.

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