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Do Exercise Balls Help Back Pain?

If you’ve ever suffered from back pain, you probably have been directed to exercise for help first. That’s because exercise helps back pain. It increases circulation to help repair muscles faster. It builds muscle tissue and improves posture. It increases fluid exchange in the discs, which is how discs receive nourishment. When discs are healthy, they swell when receiving water and then squeeze it out, leaving the nutrition. Lack of exercise prevents that squeezing motion, diminishes nutrition and increases swelling. There are a number of ways to increase back exercise without causing undo stress. Using exercise balls is one way.

Exercise balls build core strength.

The stomach and back muscles are part of the core. The core keeps your body stable on uneven terrain. Those same stabilizing muscles are strengthened when using an exercise ball. Exercise balls are often called stability balls for that reason. The body adjusts to account for the instability of the ball and builds muscle tissue over time to create a stronger back. They’re also important for building abdominal muscles, which can prevent back problems by strengthening muscles and relieving some of the pressure on the back.

The type of movement caused by exercise ball exercises increases the body’s natural pain relievers.

If you have low back pain, exercise ball exercises provide relief in a number of other ways, besides building muscle tissue and increasing fluid exchange. Those movements can help loosen muscles in a gentle manner to help boost flexibility and range of motion. The improved balance and muscle coordination also helps reduce muscle stress in the lower back, while keeping the spine in neutral position as you exercise.

You can start by sitting on the exercise ball for 30 minutes every day.

If you want to build your core muscles, do it while you’re watching television. Sit on the exercise ball and bounce lightly for approximately 30 minutes, keeping your balance the whole time. You can find the neutral position by slouching your shoulders and rounding your back. Bounce lightly and let your body straighten. It will automatically find the center of gravity to help you stay balanced. Maintaining that center of gravity takes effort, which is what works the core muscles and strengthens the lower back.

  • You can place an exercise ball between your back and the wall while you’re in standing position and practice lowering your body into a squat. It’s the right way to do lifting and builds good habits.
  • Do a pelvic tilt on the exercise ball to loosen the muscles of the hip. Sit on the ball and rock forward and back, doing a pelvic tilt. You can also shift your weight from side to side or shift it in a circular motion to loosen muscles.
  • Simple spine rotation exercises can start by simply holding your arms out in front of you and first moving them to the left and then to the right, keeping the body still. Then add head movement and finally twist.
  • You can use the exercise ball to do stretching to help relieve the pain of tight muscles. Include the ball in traditional exercises, like a variety of bridge exercises, crunches or lumbar extensions.

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