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Determining Your Priorities

I believe every single one of us wants to feel empowered.

Empowered to make decisions.

Belief in oneself.

Desire to make the best decisions we can make.

Few of us (especially those reading this) start each day with the mindset of purposefully wanting to have bad, unproductive days by intentional design.

Even if I wasn’t currently faced with so much uncertainty during this time, there remain a few things in life I prioritize all of the time. They either contribute to my belief system, or I find them essential to my well being. As I reflect on these priories, I see that they are also things I can control to some extent. My commitment to them can’t be taken away regardless of any situation I face.

My family. I’ve always felt connected to family, both my biological attachments but also those I’ve given the title of family to (friends and our community). It’s not that I don’t make concessions 100% of the time but when it comes down to it, my family will always be what drives me.

My wellness. It would seem pretty foolish if exercise, nutrition and recovery weren’t essential to my every day living. It builds me up, as I thrive on strength in mind and body. It also contributes to my clarity and decision making. I take care of myself because I feel better when I do, and it allows me to take care of those who are important to me. (See #1)

My surroundings. This one can get a little abstract. I like tidy spaces and everything in its place. Cluttered spaces contribute to a cluttered mind. I enjoy time with people who lift me up and challenge me to be a better person.

It’s not to say there aren’t variables in the above priorities. I’m also certain that I don’t have this dialed in 100%. It’s a constant work in progress. What I do know is that I can plan my days and weeks around these priorities and I find value in it. It helps me to be a better role model to my kids. It also assists me in being the best version of myself.

Reminding myself to focus on the things I do have control over doesn’t make me feel as chaotic if I didn’t. It makes me feel empowered.

What are your top priorities? I’d love to hear about them.

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