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So What Makes Urban Athlete Different Than Everyone Else?


Support goes a long way when you’re trying to make a change. We want you to enjoy your time spent at Urban Athlete and feel comfortable in your workout environment; our coaches and our community will support you 100%.

Nutrition Guidelines

Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand, we’ll help you make changes to your nutrition to help reach your goals faster.

 Individual Support

As part of a community we don’t expect you to do this without guidance, lean on us for support from your workouts to nutrition to scheduling.


Being here is important and we value that. You can expect to hear from us if we haven’t seen you!


We believe that quality movement and simple nutrition make the biggest long term impact.

Members Only section

Members have access to the daily programming along with member only events, workshops and challenges.

 Scale-able Workouts

Since exercise and nutrition are so important to us from a lifestyle perspective we want to you to feel successful when you start your program, we scale workouts to meet you were you are.

Giving Back

Philanthropy is important to us, we volunteer and host charity events throughout the year.

4 Week Trial of Live Streaming & Outdoor Workouts

  • Try 4 full weeks of online live-stream workouts & in-person training at an introductory price
  • All the workouts can be done at comfort of your home or in-person with our trainers
  • No heavy equipment necessary
  • Ask us about live streaming workouts and accountability coaching!

About Us

Urban Athlete is for someone who is looking for a fitness community to help them achieve their specific goals, without the pressure of ‘looking a certain way’ or being pushed to ‘only lose weight.’ Urban Athlete is a boutique personal and group training gym that provides clients with the individual support and community they are looking for paired with simple, yet incredibly effective workouts that are scalable for anyone from a beginner in exercise to an experienced fitness enthusiast or athlete. Read More »

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