Hump Day Workouts

Strength days… 1 – Complete continuous rounds for 12 minutes of: a – Front Squat x 3/3 b – Pull Ups x 3 c – RDL x 3 2 – 2 minute plank 3 – Complete continuous rounds for 12 minutes of: a – Arm Bar x 1/1 b – Low Windmill x 3/3 c […]

Power It Up Tuesday

Today’s focus is on power. Aim to use heavier weights in each set, increasing as able. Think of your power based exercises as fast and explosive, not an exercise you would do slowly. :15 / :15 x 8 1a – Split Squat Jumps 1b – Clapping Push Ups 1c – Band In and outs   […]

TRX and KB Thursdays

Strength + Finisher (KB & TRX Version) 1a – Turkish Get Up 6 x 1/1 1b – Bent Knee TRX Rows 6 x 8-12 1c – Goblet Squat 6 x 8-12 1d – TRX Saws 6 x 8-12 2 – KB Complex: Snatch, Clean, Push Press, Front Squat **For the complex, complete 1 rep of […]

Add Power To Your Squat

  It’s the first day of a new month – time for Tabata Bottom to Bottom Squats at Urban Athlete. Want to add power to your squats? Aim to take an extra 6-8 min EACH day to mobilize these key areas for better squats: Lower Leg Squat Cue: Keep your heels on the ground, place balance in the middle […]

Why We Love the Turkish Get-Up

Here’s the short version… We understand that most have a love or hate relationship with the Turkish get-up. We have to tell you why we love it so much! First and foremost the Turkish get-up is a full body exercise, there are very few muscles that aren’t working when doing this exercise. The shoulders are […]

Exercise: Habit and Mindset

Exercise and working out has much to do with habit and mindset. It can often be hard to start a new routine and stay consistent with it. We try to ‘do’ more things than most of us can do considering the hustle and bustle of daily life. It is best to start with one habit, […]

Run to Rebuild: Couch to 5k

We have an awesome opportunity to get involved locally with the Run to Rebuild 5k scheduled for Saturday, May 20th on Forbidden Drive, starting near Northwestern Avenue, by Chestnut Hill College. We have tons of options for you for this 5k! If you’re a seasoned runner take advantage of this awesome off road run on […]