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Are you having fun, yet?

“Are you having fun, yet?” My Dad would always (and still does) ask the cashier. The neighbor. The handyman. My old teachers. My friends. Me.

I ask this question to you, the same way my Dad asks it, with all the gentleness in the world and not an ounce of sarcasm.

Are you having fun, yet?

I’ve stood by my Dad when he’s asked this question, and it’s incredibly powerful the effect that it has on the recipient, who is 98% of the time a complete stranger.

He gets all sorts of answers:


“I’ll be having fun when I get done work.”

Sometimes they just laugh.

And my Mom just ignores him.

However, no one has ever responded to my Dad in anger or annoyance. This question has the power to change entire demeanors. Suddenly, the shift doesn’t seem quite as long or the day quite as dreary.

So, I ask again – Are you having fun, yet?

What!! Fun?! NOW?!

Fun doesn’t have to mean jumping up and down, and everyone certainly has their own definition. What’s your definition of fun? Is there something that you can change, think about, or make happen in your day to make it fun?

My Dad says that a lot too…”Make it fun.”

Cheers to having fun in the moment that you currently find yourself in and maybe asking someone if they’re having fun too.

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