8 Week Summer Session

Group Training Summer Special Just For You!

Summer brings a change in routine for most of us, especially those in education, those of us with kids, and/or seasonal employment. I’m sure there are other instances I’m missing as well, after all life is always evolving. One of our core beliefs at Urban Athlete is to keep you moving strong through all the phases of your life. Summer is a phase – and it’s not one to be left just to enjoy trips to the beach, the lake, or all the awesome outdoor venues!

Since exercise and fitness are such an essential part of life and a key component to longevity, we want to give all new or returning members an opportunity to join our limited time, 8 Week Summer Session.

You might be wondering what’s so special about it. We usually only offer 4 and 12 month memberships at  Urban Athlete, but for the first time in 17 years we’re offering an 8 week unlimited, summer membership.

You can start as early as Monday, June 12th and attend group training sessions through Saturday, August 12th. I know, that’s 9 weeks but I figure you’ll have a little time in there where you need to head out of town and won’t want to miss out on anything!

If you’ve been challenged with making time for yourself this past year, or longer, and are eager to take action in getting regular exercise into your weekly schedule to feel stronger, have more energy, and manage stress – we’d love to help you take that first step.

Here’s what we need from you…

✔️ Ready to focus on yourself this summer to be healthier, stronger, & more resilient

✔️ Ready and excited to invest a few days a week into a simple, coach led fitness program to boost energy & reduce stress

✔️ Ready to take back control of your fitness and have a program to follow so you can stop guessing on what you should be doing

✔️ Willing to work with a coach to stay accountable


You’ll be able to choose from any of the times/days below. All sessions are in-gym and live-streaming from home. We also have flexible online scheduling so you’ll be able to switch to any of the 27 other times each week for those occasions when you have other plans on the calendar.

💪 6:00am Monday – Friday

💪 7:00am Monday – Friday

💪 8:00am Saturday

💪 9:00am Monday – Saturday

💪 10:00am Saturday

💪 5:00pm Monday – Friday

💪 6:00pm Monday – Thursday

Prior to starting we will also schedule you for a group Success Session with a coach so we can cover some of the movements in our workouts, find out about your goals, and help you set a schedule that will easily become a part of your every day routine.

With the Group Training Summer Special, you’ll have:

🗝 One, group Success Session with an Urban Athlete Coach

🗝 Unlimited access to all Group Training sessions from June 12 – August 12

🗝 Optional InBody scan at the start of the 8 week membership

🗝 Full membership access


Our Happy Clients

"It's been really great for me to take that hour for myself and do a workout."

"There's a really great socialization here. You definitely build a community."

"When I found Urban Athlete, I got into my routine and I absolutely love it."

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