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200 for T1D

JDRF’s mission to support all those with T1D is near to the heart of Urban Athlete and its members. From a 5k Farmer’s Walk to our Annual Burpees and Burgers event each summer, Urban Athlete is always looking for ways to give back to JDRF.

Some quick facts:

T1D is an autoimmune disease and is not related to diet or lifestyle. 

T1D occurs when the pancreas stops producing insulin.

Insulin is necessary for the body to regulate blood sugar (glucose) levels. 

The brain’s primary energy source is glucose! 

Although our circumstances have certainly changed this year, our heart for JDRF has not.

From June 19th through the 21st, Team Urban Athlete will be completing the 200 for T1D Virtual Ragnar Relay. Our team of runners will collectively run 200 miles together, over the course of those three days.

Yes, you heard that right! 200 miles!

We are thankful for our supporters, near and far, who will make this relay fun (and doable!).

There is no cost to join the Ragnar Relay, but JDRF will use every dollar raised through fundraising to continue its innovative research efforts, government advocacy programs, and arguably the most important – being a cornerstone in the community.

Urban Athlete and community are synonymous for many of our members. This sense of camaraderie is felt, because we realize that our gym is a small part of a much larger community.

Strength. Power. Community. (Or so we were told during Trivia Night!)

If you’d like to learn more about how you can work out with UA while at home, please follow this link: or send us an email at! 


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